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  1. Hello, My issue is that I can't submit a ticket; I keep receiving this message every-time after I click submit: http://prntscr.com/dh3cyu I even tried clearing caches and cookies, as well updating my flash plugin for 3 different browsers now, still getting the same message. So.. I need help opening a ticket for the topic: Short Names. I am a paid user, however, I know there is a delay for many departments right now, but I should at least try. Whose a volunteer I can PM to open a ticket for me in this topic?
  2. Which volunteer do I PM? I don't know which volunteer does short name tickets.
  3. Hello I've tried opening a ticket under the topic: short names. And everytime I try to submit, I get this message: "security check failed. please re-login to xat chat." I definitely logged in multiple times and still unsuccessful. I even cleared my caches and cookies on 3 different browsers: Safari, Firefox and Opera. In the end, they all gave me the same message again. At this point, I can only post a thread here to ask a volunteer to make a ticket for me. I am a paid user, and I would like to make a ticket under the topic: short names. Thanks
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