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  1. Hey cutie, what's up ?

    1. Nezuko


      hello!!! im okay wbu????????????

  2. Don't dreams your life, live your dreams.

  3. Yeah, that was nice, but you did it a way too late. For years, you was sitting on your chair to refresh the Paypal page and count the $, now just see what happens. There's already many chats app for mobile (Android/iOS) developed by company that are alot of bigger than you with a lot of more money. The concurrence is a lot of bigger than you. Discord, for exemple. But also Kik, Line, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp etc etc The only advantage you have is the internationalization of Xat, where people can talk directly with others users from others countries around the world. Just look the design of the chat page. It hasn't changed for years. (Some people posted some screens in this thread.) And don't tell me it take time to change it, i'm a web dev i know what i'm talking about. Adding/Changing content of a website is one of key to keep your users base, just take YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc, they improve it every days. I know you're a small team, but still. You changed the design of the home page to use Bootstrap, that was nice, but it's not the most viewed page on the site : it's the chat page. The technologies in web dev has improved a lot in the past years, with front/back end framework like Angular, Vue, React, NodeJS etc and i'm pretty sure you can find an alternative to Flash. Flash is dying, most browsers are starting to not support Flash anymore. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) but it's sadly too late now. And i won't talk about volunteers, because that's one of the best joke i have seen on internet. Recruiting people to work for you, for free, for a company, it's the best joke ever. Anyway, good luck for the future.
  4. that moment when senpai follows u on forum  :$:$




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    2. Nezuko


      ... he doesnt use forum....

    3. Chelly


      but he liked it.... 

    4. Nezuko


      ..... I did, not him.

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