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  1. Hello, anar I can not open ticket http://prntscr.com/ddloi0
  2. GROUNDFKT1 and idsssssssssss4 and id1524188220 , Unlock my account , why torched ? ??????????????
  3. <removed > i have held for ???????? you banned me in xat.trade with scammer <removed> :)))))))))))) why give me prof ori out xat.com you held me 3 register
  4. why vladut me threatening me that I contu close as he tells James to close my account, how's that? http://prntscr.com/ddexnx <> http://prntscr.com/ddexw7
  5. My account was deleted E28 Error >>> idsssssssssss4 (1515678403) << why delete my account I'm not at all guilty a friend vladut did print a conversation made you gave me delete that I lied to vladut I did scam I did not do so, FaceTime account that I bought xats with money, I think so little money bag in xat.com made me delete my account?
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