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  1. Thanks for auction and for the ids!@Admin
  2. My suggestion for M auction ids: (2M) (20M) (69M) (111M) (404M)
  3. I suggest these ids: 4 digits: (1009) (1069) (2021) (2222) (3333) (4044) (4404) (4440) (5555) (6699) (6900) (6996) (7777) 6 digits: (123456) (100010) (111111) (333333) (555555) (666999) (777777) (999999) 7 digits: (1000055) (2021000) (2222220) (4044044) (4404404) (6969969) (6996699) 8 digits: (10000033) (10000055) (20212021) (22222220) (44404440) (40444044) (69699696) (69966996)
  4. Some people talked to me about these ideas and i decided post here because sounds good ideas! Add more 2 codes of each color to emerald pawn, so we will have 3 tonalities to use of each color. And we will have these tonalities: normal blue, dark blue, light blue, normal pink, dark pink, light pink, normal red, dark red, light red, normal purple, dark purple, light purple, normal gold, dark gold, light gold and including green as emerald, normal green, dark green and light green. Update the power reghide to allow use with topman, shortname and id, like subhide work.
  5. xat.com/xat1 (lobby) 3b8620d6 4b304dda 7576bd3e 62c6af99 47108fc1 8dc9e2b0 0b0218f6 44859de8 b64376eb 3146cdc7 bf2eb25b 540c5e4d b68e70fa 45b41bf7 xat.com/xat2 (xat_test2) 47108fc1 483c83ca adc6b7dc fe8a24ef 663e65ae 62c6af99 7ae51ffd 1ae3da57 636d0672 9914ddb0 df4bd56d b69d53fb 3146cdc7 0c61eb2b 051b1189 30ed66c1 46c6b3fd fd738779 45b41bf7 90e8f939 bf2eb25b ba4d1631 3067b372 dde98d14 8f5d1baa 1b6467c3 ca64e181 xat.com/xat4 (flirt) 55ee6448 f901a888 0c61eb2b 80a94e37 9a656fee 7dadc490
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