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  1. When I click "Not Now" and press f5 or browse through a tab on the web, the notification reappears, I have to click "Never Allow" so that they do not appear anymore. This does not know the visitors of my website, it is annoying for them to close the notification and keep appearing. Is there a possibility that they can replace "Not now" with "Never Allow" so that the blessed notification does not appear ?. I'm sorry if this is not the right place to write this post, I saw what they replied to @Ider but it's not really enough help.
  2. Hello, I've been on xat for many years, I have a website that has many visitors and always choose to use xat. The problem is that these notifications are annoying for visitors to my website, is there a possibility to disable this? I do not want to remove the xat from my website, I want it to remain as it is without these notifications that are only shown in Mozilla Firefox. This is very inconvenient to visitors to my website, it is impossible for me to add indications on how to disable these annoying notifications. I think that this should be an option to choose by the
  3. I just noted that the page is official, editing my comment, I think that the publications should be more interactive, with images and not just plain text, everything comes through the eyes and the attractive looks much better.
  4. Hola, este error solía pasarme seguido cuando intentaba loguear mi cuenta desde otra ubicación ajena a mi domicilio, la manera de solucionarlo es tal cual la indico Stif (a mi me funcionó limpiando el caché del navegador), si desconoces como hacerlo en Google Chrome te sugiero veas este video (te tomará menos de un minuto) e intenta loguear nuevamente, si el error persiste, deja un nuevo comentario, saludos.
  5. Hola, soy administrador de jkanime.net, la razón por la cual acudo al foro es debido a que teníamos una persona designada para redes sociales y pues entre ellas dicha persona se le otorgo el permiso para crear xat.com/jkanime Pero siempre hay problemas en todo grupo de chat por los abusos que esta persona cometía así que decidimos retirarla del staff de nuestra web, por lo cual en represalia optó por no permitirnos el acceso al xat dejándolo en "privado" (solo para miembros, suscriptores con xats y days) y dificultando la entrada de nuestros visitantes de la web a mencionado xat.
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