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  1. Well, I was tried to chat on xat help from my android phone via Html5 and it was a nightmare. 


    When I try to space, it looks like so:


    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/6OSdp"><a href="//imgur.com/6OSdp"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


    May this work. https://imgur.com/a/6OSdp


  2. Dear @Admin,


    Please wake up and do something. Something what is helping improving xat (No, a mobile app isn't helpful at this moment). Acording to Hypestat.com you lost 4650 unique visitators in just 150days. 18.000 unique visitators are left and if this is still going so, in 580days there will be no more unique visitators. 


    xat was so wonderful between 2010-2015. Black friday were with very good deals. xat got potential. Why when xat was very popular a ticket from start to finish took 5 days (Not since April 2017 and still going). I had tons of friends on xat who all of them exits. As i said its not too late. There are lots of suggestions how to improve it. If you got the money you need and dont care about xat anymore, then why dont you sell xat.com ? 


    I was a very regular users, but starting from 2015 xat turned a wrong way. It dont make me that happy anymore being on xat because lots of things just stay in place. The only goal what xat have is every week a new power and in my opinion got bored because even if i want to buy a limited power from store it get under 0.00004 sec out of stock (I dont even know when was my last time i bought a power from store or even saw it (Maybe 2014).


    At the end dont hate me because its my opinion.


    As i said there are sugestions and STILL place to make xat better again, but the magic word is WORK (And NOW not LATER)

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  3. I think is useless. 


    Scammers gone off from xat because it get bored and people who are still in xat are smart enough to avoid a scam. If you came in 2012 with this idea I would totally agree, but now it's useless.  


    Everything start from @Admin anyway. If they wanted they had it. 

  4. Because I got sick of xat again and start something now, I need a logo.


    Prizeholder me.

    Event close when I find what I like.

    Letters: MA (only text, no other emoticons or idk)

    I want it black and 2D.


    An example what I like is JP Performance logo. 


    PS: you can put a watermark on it if you think I won't give the prize. ._.





    Edit: I also want the .psd (or what you use) file or at least black and white.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, SJBB said:

    A topic has already been created to discuss things like this and as others have said we should wait and see if anything actually comes from Danns thread.


    However it seems that this thread has mostly got people discussing xats and days becoming cheaper?


    Xat has always offered the $5, $10, $20, $40 and $200 packages which can be brought directly from xat. These packages can be brought with different ways such as credit, debit card, paypal, mint gift cards and mobile payments (other payment methods may apply but vary on location.


    If you are not happy with the current prices because they cost to much etc then if course you can mention it and bring it up for debate but I am going to bring some points across from xat's point of view. I am not xat staff or a volunteer so do not speak directly for xat but the things I will mention will help defend xat in my own thoughts. 


    Xat has been around for years and like I have said have always cost this much and if you are "new" to the website or do not buy xats regularly then I completely understand your point in terms of how much the packages are and if they are worth buying or not. The thing is that xat have always sold these packages and if you have only recently joined the site then if course you will have to start building up a collection of xats, days and powers. It may seem that the packages are a lot of money and the powers are to pricey and if they were cheaper or the amount of xats and days you got per a package would increase more people would purchase these. The thing you must understand is that like I have said xat have always sold these and people may have lots of powers as they have been with xat for years and have built up there own collection. The thing is if you brought xats in the past then you could of built up a decent power collection rather than saying "powers cost so much, the packages xat offer aren't worth it etc" 


    What can you do to get a better deal when buying xats?


    You can buy from a re-seller who may be able to sell for a good price if you are buying in bulk. I understand that this money doesn't go directly to xat but if you want more value for money then you should consider buying from a re-seller an option.


    You can buy small and try and profit with new power releases and trading and making profit on older powers.


    You can buy or participate in xats special promotions such as black Friday etc.


    You can enter contests via xats social media, games chats and on the forums.


    I know you may be concerned in terms of xat staying alive and continuing to make money and like I said there is nothing against bringing this up for debate but I personally don't think xat are in any rush to update the packages on the store page.

    I am honest. I have not read everything(same as you did at me i think). I have atleast 7 years on xat. I know how it was before and how is now. This is only a way xat may become better. Buying and selling powers is not worth anymore. Lot of things you wrote there was avaible 2 years ago, when xat was very popular. Now everything is closed. (Like I wait one year to get cheap powers lol)

  6. 1 hour ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    I think it's too soon to open another thread like this... we already had a HUGE thread made like this not too long ago. We should give admins some time to see if they actually listened before we make another thread about this same exact topic. 



    Woo 500th post 

    Trust me, ist not. Xat need to wake up! If we, users, dont saw our opinion, then they will change anything. They forgot about xat is we're it is because of US. We need more posts like this, only so xat may wake up and still, IT'S NOT LATE. First thing should be making xats cheaper. Atleast one week for testing. I wish I had more powers, but i also wish a fair amount of xats for the money. Cheaper xats  = more people buy tem = more money for xat. 


    Example. 200$ = 33k xats and 1980 days may buy 1 people a day.


    100$ = 33k xats and 1980 days may buy 5 people a day. 


    If I had a business, i'd rather sell 5 time a product witch is 100$ and make 500$ then one time a product witch is 200$ and stay at 200$.


    Ps. Even big car dealer like BMW make deals to sell their cars.

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  7. 33 minutes ago, Bau said:

    Totally wrong!
    100$ = 33 k xats - 2000 days = 1 reason the world to enter xat.com and be able to use any nice and good.
    Why the world does not use everypower, if it's cheaper xat.com will earn you a lot more, and more people will go into xat.com, so many will have the opportunity to buy many beautiful things, many powers Which are nice to use.....

    To all
    We are all rich or even poor, but that does not mean we have to do so people who do not have a lot of money can not buy handsome powers too.
    Some good powers that can be used as if it were ruby or even colorful name or even everypower at only 250 ~ $ between $ 450.
    Why are all you running so much for money?
    The lower price a lot more people will be able to buy, I think xat.com will be one of the best internet sites for radio and chat. @Admin check this please! (((
    The world here just talks but almost no one buys xats in money, just knows how to talk.
    I now say to those who do not let everyone have the opportunity to use xat.com more cheaply.
    I do not speak for free, but talk as I say at least 50% is formidable to be much more xat.com.
    Let's all be humans, not animals, not even money is important in this life.
    But if you want to earn more money here, make the world buy xats more cheap, so have the opportunity to enrich you on our account. ¬ī¬īOf our money¬ī¬ī
    Please AND Thanks!

    You got all my words from mounth, congrats!


    For example today i bought Namecolor for 22‚ā¨ from a reseller. I felt soo much better just because its a cheaper price. 20-50-100$ are RESONABLE prices. I wold def.¬†pay again for 8k xats 20‚ā¨ even¬†from xat, but they dont see that so.

  8. First of all, i learned xat on english, so i will have lot of gramma wrong. This is just my opinion. 

    Being on xat since (idc, over 8 years 100%) xat has a lot up and down. I remember a time xat was really popular (2012-2013) knowing by the id change. You saw each mounth new ids like 52xx to 58xx. 

    Here are some (big) problems witch xat shold take them. (And NO, Mobile is not so important. Really, like i will go at work and get my mobile out to chat idc.)


    1. Volunteers. With volunteers i mean the ticket. It take WAAAAAAAY too long. I mean ok, 1 week, but NOT up to 6 Mounth to resolve a simple ticket. I may understand that is much, but why not adding more volunteers? (But see you, there is no trust and so. Wrong. Why dont xat do a offline office? Is not really that hard.)


    2. Xats & Days prices. Its in my opinion TOO EXPENSIVE. I never saw a ''Deal'' on these prices. (Like 20% off or like that). As Danns says, everypower is like 1300$ witch in my opinion is way to expensive for lot of us. A fair price wold be everything from Buy page to 50% off. I wold def. pay 100$ for 33k and 1980days, example here and i will not be the only one. (In this chase, better sell more for a less price)


    3. Something new like club penguin. I think wold be something better if xat wold reduce the every week a new power ( Doing it a new power every 2 week or even weekly if they have the time) and invest the time in something better that make the xats also cheap and xat will get more money. I dont really have ideas, but there shold be something if you hear the other users. Better wold be something what improve xats, days and powers like a casino with other users. (Win-Win for xat because they have to buy xats even the price will be cheap)


    4. What about a sport betting system with xats? Same as Bet365 for example, but for xats.


    Maybe there was more, but i forgot it. Sorry.


    In the end, i hope xat take it serious. I mean i was off xat for few mounths up to 1 year and it was a shock for me. If xat don't take it serious, i dont want to say but in few years they will close. So xat, IT'S NOT LATE, WAKE UP. 


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