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  1. Hupo

    Space Bug on mobile.

    @SlOom I am using Google Chrome. I tried again and its the same problem. https://imgur.com/a/dQfnf
  2. Hello. When I try to write something, first few words work when I press space but after third space it start to lag and don't work properly. You can see what I talk about(I wrote as I usually do) Proof: https://imgur.com/a/HW9m5 **It's critical in my opinion because I can not write, and I will also don't do it untill until it's fixed"
  3. Well, I was tried to chat on xat help from my android phone via Html5 and it was a nightmare. When I try to space, it looks like so: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/6OSdp"><a href="//imgur.com/6OSdp"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> May this work. https://imgur.com/a/6OSdp
  4. Dear @Admin, Please wake up and do something. Something what is helping improving xat (No, a mobile app isn't helpful at this moment). Acording to Hypestat.com you lost 4650 unique visitators in just 150days. 18.000 unique visitators are left and if this is still going so, in 580days there will be no more unique visitators. xat was so wonderful between 2010-2015. Black friday were with very good deals. xat got potential. Why when xat was very popular a ticket from start to finish took 5 days (Not since April 2017 and still going). I had tons of friends on xat who all o
  5. Hupo

    Verified user

    I think is useless. Scammers gone off from xat because it get bored and people who are still in xat are smart enough to avoid a scam. If you came in 2012 with this idea I would totally agree, but now it's useless. Everything start from @Admin anyway. If they wanted they had it.
  6. Volunteers can not resolve a ticket under 6 months, but allowing me anything else. The contest is running by myself and I don't care anything else.
  7. Because I got sick of xat again and start something now, I need a logo. Prizeholder me. Event close when I find what I like. Letters: MA (only text, no other emoticons or idk) I want it black and 2D. An example what I like is JP Performance logo. PS: you can put a watermark on it if you think I won't give the prize. ._. #bringbackoldxat Edit: I also want the .psd (or what you use) file or at least black and white.
  8. Btw they claim about the mobile app, but now as I downloaded it don't work for me because I am not connected to a network even tho I am .. good job xat. Over a year in beta mode, you can clearly see how much they care.
  9. I am honest. I have not read everything(same as you did at me i think). I have atleast 7 years on xat. I know how it was before and how is now. This is only a way xat may become better. Buying and selling powers is not worth anymore. Lot of things you wrote there was avaible 2 years ago, when xat was very popular. Now everything is closed. (Like I wait one year to get cheap powers lol)
  10. There is. It's also my topic. I will decide if it will be closed or no. If you don't like this then stop following it.
  11. Trust me, ist not. Xat need to wake up! If we, users, dont saw our opinion, then they will change anything. They forgot about xat is we're it is because of US. We need more posts like this, only so xat may wake up and still, IT'S NOT LATE. First thing should be making xats cheaper. Atleast one week for testing. I wish I had more powers, but i also wish a fair amount of xats for the money. Cheaper xats = more people buy tem = more money for xat. Example. 200$ = 33k xats and 1980 days may buy 1 people a day. 100$ = 33k xats and 1980 days may buy 5 people a day.
  12. You got all my words from mounth, congrats! For example today i bought Namecolor for 22€ from a reseller. I felt soo much better just because its a cheaper price. 20-50-100$ are RESONABLE prices. I wold def. pay again for 8k xats 20€ even from xat, but they dont see that so.
  13. Hey Blacky. 1. Its not right. For lost acces it say up to 5 days, first answer was in 5 days and then nothing more. (10 days) 2. Xat has to benefit, right, but if they do that, there will be way more people who buy. 3. Not really Club penguin, it was just a example.
  14. First of all, i learned xat on english, so i will have lot of gramma wrong. This is just my opinion. Being on xat since (idc, over 8 years 100%) xat has a lot up and down. I remember a time xat was really popular (2012-2013) knowing by the id change. You saw each mounth new ids like 52xx to 58xx. Here are some (big) problems witch xat shold take them. (And NO, Mobile is not so important. Really, like i will go at work and get my mobile out to chat idc.) 1. Volunteers. With volunteers i mean the ticket. It take WAAAAAAAY too long. I mean ok, 1 week, but NOT up to 6 Mount
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