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  1. I refer to my original post a few hours ago which was marked as answered. It is not answered. I have created a "NEW" account and the box is auto filled with my old user pass. I delete it and type my new user pass. I click log in and it refreshes back to the old data saved. I can not re set my old user pass because that email was phished too many times and had to be deleted. I can provide the details , though. Original topic here >
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    Hello. Why does this site stop me logging in to my old account when the user and pass are saved? I created a new account and i still can not log into a chat. Also, when i type my new details into the box with my old stored details, it jumps back to my old details and says user / pass are wrong. Neither case is wrong. This has gone on for years with issues logging into our site chat.
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