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  1. my account is locked E29

    Mate, please, if you have a ticket open, wait for a answer from the volunteers. They will answer you as soon as possible. The "Locked Out" department isn't delayed, so, it won't take too much time to be answered. You can check response times here.
  2. my account is locked E29

    So due to your IP protection, probably you changed your internet or your IP for some reason and then you got locked. Do the procedure i said above to get your account unblocked please.
  3. my account is locked E29

    14. Unless a forum or topic specifically authorizes the use of a different language, English is the only language allowed. This includes other content areas, such as statuses. Please read the guidelines before use xat forum. Due to error 29, you will have to create a ticket under the help topic "Locked Out". You don't have to be a paid user to create a ticket under this department. First, open the "incognito" mode of your browser, then create the ticket using the e-mail associated to your locked account. Don't forget that the subject has to be at least 5 words.
  4. my account is locked E29

    What do you mean by "locked"? You mean held? The problem of asking if you are the owner you mean proof that you are human(captcha)? Try describe better your issues, then we can try find the best way to help you.
  5. The room is not visible in the group

    Can you describe better your issue?
  6. Xat.com got my account

    Você já tem um tópico igual a esse aberto e respondido.

    Stif (1997)
  8. verify that you are human

    So try go to a desktop and do the procedure i described in the first answer please.
  9. verify that you are human

    Go to the e-mail associated with your account and open different e-mails of PIN's; At the end you will be able to find the IP at the time you tried to login, the country and the ISP; Please check one or more e-mails with the subject "xat user:Regname - Enter PIN", if they show different IP's, so your IP is dynamic. If it is the same IP in all e-mails, then it's static. (Please, don't post your IP here, just tell us if it is static or dynamic)
  10. verify that you are human

    Is your internet a static or dynamic IP? If it's a static IP, go to: http://whatismyipaddress.com/ click on: "Blacklist check"; then, click on: "Check My Ip Address"; So the system will check your IP in all the servers listed on the page. If they're all green, the problem is not due to your IP, but if it shows one or more of them with a red icon, the problem probably is due to your IP. Then you will have to contact your ISP to change your IP to one which is not on the blacklist. In my case my IP was on the blacklist, i got captcha in every move i made on the site. I asked for a IP change and now i don't have this problem anymore. I hope i have helped.
  11. How often do you eat fast food?

    Fast food? never. The only thing i buy out is pizza, the rest is homemade.
  12. Can i get my account back?

    Hello, You will have to open a support ticket to get access to your account. To do so, you have to log in to a user account. If you don't have any other besides this one which you have lost access, you will need create a new one to start the recovery process. Thats how you are gonna do it: 1. Make login to a user account by clicking here; 2. Go to xat's support ticket system by clicking here and click on "Open new ticket"; 3. Select the help topic "Lost Access"; 4. Type a subject, remember that it has to be at least 5 words; 5. Type a message describing your situation and click on "Open ticket". After open the ticket, remember that you have to wait for an answer, which can take a while. This is due of the high volume of tickets. You can find info about the delay time of the departments here.
  13. Silent Kick Bots Power

    That's a good idea Saizo. Make the chat only for registered users can avoid raids too but, for chats which can't activate that for their own reasons, your idea can help with it.
  14. Keep Counting