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  1. It's Pi Day btw.

  2. Phin

    534 TRAINS

    Am I the only one who read "trains" as "trans" at first sight?
  3. Happy international singles day 🙃

  4. Rest In Peace, Proxy. 😢😭



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    2. Phin


      Heard from someone who heard from his mom.

    3. Addict


      Well, may he rest in peace. 😓

    4. Marya


      Omg , rest in peace   

      Life is so short life is nothing 


  5. @maxoTy! Please don't interfere with my business!
  6. They are free to use, sized for xat.
  7. Discord voice changers are the new way to troll.

  8. Gonna leave this here.
  9. #MakeSocialActiveAgain. COUGH!

    1. Ravey


      xat is dead, whats the use of making one chat active when the other ones are slowly dying

    2. Phin


      Mike made social active. :( 


      Fair point though, there’s no use.

  10. Are we really alive? What if we’re dead, but living. We’ll never know for sure if we’re really dead until we die. For now, we live in a world that doesn’t feel real. That is, until we die. Then we’re really dead.

  11. All good things must come to an end.

  12. Why are there 108 pages of this nonsense.
  13. Phin

    Why? / Because!

    Because you want to believe that you are. Why do we have to suffer school?
  14. Phin

    Why? / Because!

    Because sleep is to be cherished. Why do we have phones?
  15. As HN said, the bot automembered you. I don’t think the bot can ignore you, you most likely PC’d the bot with the AI turned off. If you wanted to be a guest that bad, just buy guestself and /g until it stops membering you, or ask to be ranklocked to guest. It’s not that big a deal if you’re membered on a chat.
  16. So, you know how the forum has an "ignore" feature? Well, Leandro brought this idea up earlier, which would allow you to block someone on the forum. However, this wouldn't just hide the blocked person's post. The blocking feature would block certain users from being able to comment on status updates as well as your own threads. Something like this: Replace user with their name. It's just an idea, not saying it has to be implemented, but it will be useful for users like me who don't want certain people to reply to their status updates.
  17. Phin

    Why? / Because!

    No, you don’t. Don’t speak for us. Because I like music. Why do we eat?
  18. Has anyone ever thought about putting a dark theme on the forum? Save our eyes please!

  19. Phin

    New Group´s

    The community is too dead for this to even be an idea. xat isn't pulling any new users, and having new groups will only bring in the same users from different chats. What would this even accomplish? As Junior said, who would have interest in seeing what new chat was created? Most people are satisfied with the chat they usually go to, including myself. If the main owner wants their chat to be popular, they can just promote it. All they would have to do is wait a week since you can't promote within the first 7 days of making a chat, which would give them plenty of time to set their chat up. I personally can't see this being a good idea whatsoever, as it would be a total flop. Chats would have to be international, since many people from different communities would be making chats, and we all know how awful the translator is. Not to mention the fact that you would need mods who can ban/kick if there are rules. Not everyone speaks the same language. If newly created chats were displayed, the main owner wouldn't have time to set everything up, causing users to break rules and would wind up getting the chat delisted or torched. Many users would find ways to abuse this, and xat would lose money/stop making money due to users making chats and getting free xats and days out of it.
  20. Phin


    How is this any different from just leaving a message on the forum, using the FEXBot's welcome message feature or making a blog post? I don't see why this would be necessary to have.
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