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  1. It's the end of the world as we know it. 

    1. DUYGU


      this was already expected  :(

  2. Is there really a reason to keep xat alive if the English community is dead? Unless they do something to perhaps make the site more appealing, I don't see this site coming back from the dead.

  3. Can someone do something about the weirdo spam reacting to my statuses with (meh) thanks.

    1. alex


      It seems to be a little much to spam your page with image.png.8569722a3f799ec94c1c3d6166cdd09b.pngs over a similar response you reacted with. . (hmm)

    2. 6
    3. Phin


      Exactly. I wish the forum could implement a feature with blocking that would remove the reaction button when you “ignore” them.

  4. Beep beep, I'm a sheep.

  5. Perhaps if they were to implement Mike's ideas, maybe, just maybe, they can be as alive as they were years ago. Just a thought, you know? Or they can be stuck in HTML5 and never bring new people. That works too.
  6. Tornado warnings got me bready to die. 🤪

    1. Deymian


      Keep calm and take refuge.

    2. Angelo


      We got some hail+tornado+thunderstorm warnings up here too


      Stay safe (a)

  7. Anyone have a switch with smash ultimate?

  8. Candy coma.






    Pls stop removing my status. :(


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phin


      Sorry dad! :( 

    3. SethTI


      Instead of being high, be high quality instead!

    4. Daniel


      @Leandro ur 16 so I don’t see much of a difference? ;) 

  10. Throwback to being perm member on xat5 then being demoted for personal reasons. Good times. 2017 was a fun year.
  11. It's Pi Day btw.

  12. Phin

    534 TRAINS

    Am I the only one who read "trains" as "trans" at first sight?
  13. Happy international singles day 🙃

  14. Rest In Peace, Proxy. 😢😭



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phin


      Heard from someone who heard from his mom.

    3. Addict


      Well, may he rest in peace. 😓

    4. Marya


      Omg , rest in peace   

      Life is so short life is nothing 


  15. @maxoTy! Please don't interfere with my business!
  16. They are free to use, sized for xat.
  17. Discord voice changers are the new way to troll.

  18. Gonna leave this here.
  19. #MakeSocialActiveAgain. COUGH!

    1. Ravey


      xat is dead, whats the use of making one chat active when the other ones are slowly dying

    2. Phin


      Mike made social active. :( 


      Fair point though, there’s no use.

  20. Are we really alive? What if we’re dead, but living. We’ll never know for sure if we’re really dead until we die. For now, we live in a world that doesn’t feel real. That is, until we die. Then we’re really dead.

  21. All good things must come to an end.

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