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  1. Phin

    Which door would you take?

    Blue. I want to fix my mistakes made in the past so I can actually enjoy life in the future.
  2. GDPoNVX.png


    I finally banned Cupim!

  3. Pineapple belongs on pizza.

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    2. Leandro


      I agree with denise's comment. We will take this post into investigation and delete the account if necessary.

    3. Despond


      I only tried Hawaiian pizza once.

    4. Mystic


      It can be good for sure and it's great that you like it.

  4. Phin

    Favorite City you ever went to.

    Moving here 28/12/2014 and of course, Paris, France
  5. I like your avatar- Never really watched much of soul eater, but still.

    1. Phin


      Thanks! Watched the whole thing, ending was eh but anime was good.

  6. I don’t think this should be a topic on a xat forum....
  7. Phin

    IDs for sale

    Oh ok, added.
  8. Phin

    IDs for sale

    Since I can’t be bothered with xat I’d prefer either a message on forum or discord. @HelperNate
  9. Actually, the merge made most if not ALL the staff turn against social and quit. I would’ve done the same if I was still staff, as I didn’t agree with the merge at first and I definitely don’t agree with how ranks are being handed out. It makes others feel as if their efforts to earn their rank meant nothing to the chat. If you look at the staff list, Denise, Lily and Leia are still at social despite the merge.
  10. Were you not one of the people trying to get the chat taken away from him? If I remember correctly, you looked for any reason to have social redirected to chat. Aside from that; originally you were banned forever but the reason to me is unknown. A few hours later he used manage to unban you from social. It was a glitch in manage that left you banned, as he wouldn’t have just left you banned over silly help drama, it would’ve been unfair and he would’ve been reported for abuse. Trust me, the owners would’ve done something. While I do agree he ban wasn’t fair to begin with, he did unban you in the end and resolved everything. The best part about all this drama is that nobody had an issue until [UNNAMED] merged his chat with social.
  11. False accusations? No sir. All legit accusations and there was legitimate proof. Don't try to lie your way out of this one buddy. You are NOT good at setting up discords as we all left it because of you and the drama you had. If you had tried to discuss it privately to try and get it sorted, I'm sure you would've been made an owner. It was YOUR drama that caused it all. Including the diss track, which wasn't necessary. Nobody was cursing, from what I've seen from screenies, people who curse get kicked as a warning, then banned by staff or the bot. You can't say that's cursing. Not sure about the fake addresses or whatever that means. On the other hand I do agree ranks aren't being earned, but the chats were merged. Mike has also been doing a good job with staff. While some of them are garbage in my opinion, others don't seem to have a problem. It also doesn't help you were flaming. Mike is doing fine, it's <name removed> who caused the havoc. <name removed> was the one who brought all the users from lit. The only reason was because all the contributors were constantly out to get Mike so he did what he had to do to keep the chat in his possession. This isn't his fault. If you sign into social, you'll see a full chat. I can't say I agree with Glitch as the main owner, but at least there's chat activity and one less thing for the contributors to complain about. None of us at social had a problem with you until those "accusations" started. I honestly was forgetting about the past and starting clean, then that happened. I can't say the same for others who have known you.
  12. Can I get a volunteer to either open a ticket or swap the shortname Blackbear with SoggyWaffles?

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    2. Stif


      You can check the e-mail attached to the possible paid account for purchase confirmation e-mails from xat, only one of them is enough to confirm that.

    3. Arthur


      You can check yourself by logging into that account and attempting to submit a Short Names and Groups ticket. If a ticket is successfully submitted, then you are a paid user.

    4. Phin


      Oh ok, thanks.

  13. Phin

    IDs for sale

    https://pastebin.com/Tw6e0Bnm Selling the IDs listed for xats. If interested in any of these, send me a DM through discord; phin#0069 or message on the forum. (I'm more likely to reply faster to discord though.) Or add me on xat and message me if/when I'm on. /f888325252
  14. @Angelo can you please lock this topic?

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