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  1. Apologies, this isn't very creative. I just thought I'd do this because why not? One day, I was surfing the streets of xat. I went to social, and saw a strange user saying some strange things. His name was Roberto, but I doubt that's his real name since he copies everybody. I pcd him and asked him why he had me added, he just responded with "roberto banned help map (ok) Lizzie <-> mike png." He then clicked me and went to a different chat. Next thing I know, he's using my name and avatar, saying "Phin (888325252) help map %100." After about 3 years or so of Roberto doing his thing, I realised he never talks like a normal user, and he's basically a robot that's starting to take over the xat community, one by one. About a month later, I saw more Robertos on chat, then I go to another chat and see more of them. All saying the same thing: "Lizzie <--> Mike pcoff 1:01! roberto map." The Robertos formed an army to take over all human minds and turn us into one of them. This is how Roberto came to be. 25 March, 2025: Roberto invades Roberto appeared on all the chats, and told his army to invade using his secret robot language that nobody understands. The army of Robertos had planned to brainwash every xat user that was left, until none ramained. The attack began when their leader gave the command: and off they went, invading, transforming, making their army the largest of all. The one, the only, ROBERTO ARMY. They blew up chats, spammed them with nonsense, and brainwashed people. Their army was too strong for the moderators and owners, so they took action. They grabbed their weapons, suited up, and went out on the battlefield to recover the fallen xat users who have been brainwashed by Roberto, and transformed into slaves. Blood went everywhere, the smell of death was among the mods and owners, however, the main owners were able to take out all the Robertos, and revived the fallen users. The heroes used the antidote to undo the damage caused by the Robertos, and they never saw another Roberto again.
  2. This could lead to xat staff impersonation, and users could make their pawn cyan, which is celeb pawn.
  3. Phin(888325252) Of all the things by Regine Velasquez: Of all the things I've ever done Finding you will prove to be the most important one I would never trade the tears the conversations no one hears the learning how to walk before we run Of all the kites I ever flew Most came tumbling down except the one I sent up with you I dont wanna change a thing break the spell or cut the string when every wish I make is coming true with you
  4. You could just boot them to another pool? Boot sounds more professional like: "I have booted person1 to afkpool reason: afk" Just a thought (shrug)
  5. I think this should be added onto kick, or boot possibly?
  6. This isn't worth 1,000 xats, sorry. Totally agree with you here.
  7. You're not understanding what I'm saying. Ruby is the old EP pawn. They're the same thing. What's the difference between the two? Same effect on the pawn, same red colour. I'm not seeing any difference.
  8. Just another manic Monday....

  9. I disagree with this. It's the SAME as the old EP pawn, just a different colour. Same effect, same look as Ruby. We don't need a pawn for allpowers. We have a rocket that goes around the xat logo.
  10. Ruby is the old everypower pawn. I agree with @LaFleur on this, adding the rocket to the pawn would look much better than the Ruby pawn.
  11. Yes Have you ever slept for an entire day?
  12. Pawn looks too much like RUBY. Besides, we just recently got a new pawn. Why do we need a pawn for allpowers? Allpowers isn't really anything special compared to EP.