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  1. Whoever posts last wins!

    You mean 100?
  2. Whoever posts last wins!

    I'm a wizard.
  3. Whoever posts last wins!

    100 and counting or not
  4. Whoever posts last wins!

    Annoyance + 100000000
  5. Whoever posts last wins!

    Topic closed. I win.
  6. Auction

    It would also be pointless since the 2018 ID has already been auctioned.
  7. Report system?

    If you guys are that worried about spammers/trolls, make it to where only registered forum users can report, being that you can't comment unless you have an account. As for the spam, only allow one report per IP and/or account. Shouldn't be hard to detect bots, as all vols/mods would get the report. Just a thought...
  8. Whoever posts last wins!

    This topic has been closed to further replies. If you feel this was done by mistake, please open a new thread.
  9. New year, new me. 







    Sike. (sman)

  10. #Yearinreview2017 !

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, trolling, or just accusing me.
  11. Happy bday! Thucking Thuk

    1. Thuk


      Thank you, Phin! You (censor) 


  12. Happy Birthday, Phin!

    Thucking off. :$ 

  13. Happy Birthday Phin, enjoy your day! (hug)