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  1. Phin

    I'm Sorry

    You guys spend way too much time online. Imagine apologising to people just to get more drama added onto the current drama. “Hey, you’re dumb for apologising to people!” “Well, you’re dumb for calling me dumb for apologising to people!!” You people wonder why xat lives in drama... Honestly (even though nobody cares and this post will most likely be removed anyways) he had the guts to spill out emotions and apologise to the people he has hurt. Would I forgive him? (if it was me) Probably not, as you can’t fix everything with duct tape (apologies). Yes we’re all human here and yes we make mistakes. That doesn’t mean attack someone for trying to patch the holes in life. You guys need to learn to stop letting stuff get into your head and move on. Let all the bs roll off your back like a duck let’s water roll off its back. This is turning into a drama centre and honestly it’s getting old. I suggest the negative comments be removed because the last thing xat needs is to lose more users than it already has.
  2. Phin

    Redirect %chatname to HTML5

    Assuming same for the mobile app as the chat isn’t clickable anymore? http://prntscr.com/jiqsyk @LaFleur
  3. Yanny? Laurel? Which is it?!

    (Psst, it’s definitely Laurel)



  4. Phin

    Steam on xat

    I swear I've seen this idea before..
  5. Ice Out - Fat Nick ft Blackbear
  6. Phin

    S'mores Smiley Power

    We're also tired of you complaining about kawaii powers. Think about it. The more you complain and whine, the more kawaii powers get released.
  7. Phin

    Redirect %chatname to HTML5

    When you type %chatname on HTML5, opening it will redirect to flash rather than HTML5. Is there a specific reason for this or was it done on purpose..? If not, would it be possible to fix it to where the chat redirects to HTML5 when using %chatname? https://transfer.sh/U0NiA/2018-05-09_17-13-58.mp4
  8. Hello and welcome to the latest xat news update. Tonight, we'll be covering using gold/purple with flashrank. DON'T DO IT!

  9. May the 4th be with you. 😜

  10. Phin

    Block Bump Power

    You could technically block bump by command.
  11. Phin

    Update LinkValidator

    It can also be used for HTML/CSS, and making a list. I see your point, though.
  12. Phin

    Update LinkValidator

    I hope you know your IP was included in that screenshot. Actually, what I’m saying is that other sites besides prntscr should be whitelisted. Would make it easier in the long run. I can understand cubeupload/pastebin as they’re not used as much, but Imgur is what most people use as avatars on xat, so why not?
  13. So LinkValidator is down, making it hard for users to click links. This has probably already been suggested, but can we please whitelist Imgur, YouTube, Cubeupload, Pastebin, and some other xat related websites? (eg test.xat.chat and FEXBots.com.) xat is also blocking sites like rabb.it and other links, forcing users to type them out instead of being able to click them.

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