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  2. Last I checked, I'm not Tom2.
  3. Googol 1.0 × 10^100 Can't go much higher than that, can you?
  4. Login, register, facebook, twitter, trade, doodle, doodlerace, spacewar, matchrace smilie, smilies, smiley, darts, search, subscriber, xats, buy, powers, power, coin, coins, zwhack, hearts, switch, xavi, gift, wiki, constructor, snakerace
  5. Gotta love those fake people, right?
  6. E26 - Account not activated. If it is NOT new: If the account is not new , you would need to go to ticket and create a new ticket using the email address you have used for your xat registered account , under "account block" or If you are unable to create the ticket go to open a new topic detailing what is going on and what is happening. and last option would be Messaging a volunteer via forum or pc an online volunteer on xatchat telling that you are unable to open a ticket for some reason and explaining what is going on to your account. If it IS new: Go to the email address that you have used to register to and login . look for the email that has attached link for activation click the link and login your user and password that you registered and the account will be activated.
  7. Wouldn't this just rewrite some of the code? Admins wouldn't waste time on that, since they're working on mobile/HTML5.
  8. Happy Birthday! (hug)💙

    1. ANGY


      Thank you very much for congratulating me, everyone has been so kind. I feel happy :$ 

  9. Close but no cigar. Looks like I win.
  10. That's what a database is for? Duh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretry sure you can match multiple accounts with one IP by looking at the database, so no, it isn't impossible.
  11. I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was.