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  1. Mobile Version 1.10.3 Release - iOS & Android

    Would it be possible to remove the underscores in statuses?
  2. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    iChocolateMilk (140483355)
  3. Whoever posts last wins!

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  4. Open the door.

  5. what is the last movie you watched?

    Maze Runner - Death Cure
  6. Selling a 9 digit

    Selling ID 812214216 Add me /f140483355 or /f794334332 Or find me at xat5 or help if interested.

    What does this have to do with me?
  8. Time to go.

    Weโ€™ll see you on toons!
  9. Mobile Version 1.10.1 Release - Android only

    It looks better with the menu at the bottom. Thereโ€™s more room on the screen for messages, rather than the annoying menu constantly at the top. (Imo)
  10. Mobile Version 1.10.1 Release - Android only

    If you want the iOS version, get an iPhone. Easy solution.
  11. Happy Singles Awareness Day! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    1. Eleven



    2. Phin



  12. 5 Pcback free background

    Text: My name (Phin) Subtext: none Colours: whatever matches Images: anything umbreon related, it doesn't matter to me.
  13. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]