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  1. Happy Birthday, Mike!(applause)

  2. Happy Birthday! i like to make power anti nice games

  3. Happy Birthday, Mike!

  4. Kopas

    Happy birthday @Anti

  5. Kaay

    Happy Bday. 

  6. Stif

    Happy birthday Mike!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

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    Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy  Birthday   @Anti

  11. Marya

    Happy bday <3

  12. Mino1

    Nice smile you make. (cute) 

  13. Anti


    If you think you can do better then by all means. Feel free to create better smileys for this power. When you finish, send me or the admin the .fla file and then they can upload it.
  14. Anti


    This is a good power suggestion. It could probably be another anime type power but it would need to be renamed and possibly include more anime than just dragon ball.
  15. Basically I am opening this topic to get user input on why they prefer the flash version of xat as opposed to the html5 version. It would be very useful to xat admins if you could give input here on what stops you from wanting to use the html5 version of xat. If you can provide detailed explanation on things that stop you such as "aesthetic issues" or "usability issues" that would be very helpful. I'll start with the fact that the dialogue windows look clunky and poor in comparison to flash, and that you have to do an extra step to change your name. Example - "when clicking your name to edit your name homepage etc you have to go through an extra step to get there - https://prntscr.com/loaihs and then - https://prnt.sc/loaipf to change name / avatar/ homepage. This extra step is off-putting." Fixes in progress: Test Done Description x x 502 Connection errors x Faster pop up dialogs x Not added as friend etc
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