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  1. H Λ P P Y    B I R T H D Λ    M  Λ  Y  K  @Mike

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    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday dude !

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    Happu Birthday Mike,


    I wish you a Happy new year! <3

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    Happy birthday Mike, happiness and many years of life, enjoy!

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    Happy b Day @Mike(victory)

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    Happy birthday, psycho! xo eyeball

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    Happy Birthday Mike !!  (hug)

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    Happy Birthday Mike! Great creator of smiley!

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    Happy birthday ol friend.


  14. Mike


    Personally I'm in favor of sinbin3.
  15. I'm glad to see most people enjoyed Umbrella power. I may boost the power with some further suggestions in the future but currently undecided. I am aware there are some bugs with the coloring on some of them and will look into fixing that soon. If you happen to have any power suggestions you would like to see be created like Umbrella power was then feel free to message me privately here on the forum. While not every suggestion will be used these suggestions will be looked at regularly to give inspiration for new power ideas. The same goes with stickers. If you do happen to send me a pow
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