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  1. Anti


    If you think you can do better then by all means. Feel free to create better smileys for this power. When you finish, send me or the admin the .fla file and then they can upload it.
  2. Anti


    This is a good power suggestion. It could probably be another anime type power but it would need to be renamed and possibly include more anime than just dragon ball.
  3. Basically I am opening this topic to get user input on why they prefer the flash version of xat as opposed to the html5 version. It would be very useful to xat admins if you could give input here on what stops you from wanting to use the html5 version of xat. If you can provide detailed explanation on things that stop you such as "aesthetic issues" or "usability issues" that would be very helpful. I'll start with the fact that the dialogue windows look clunky and poor in comparison to flash, and that you have to do an extra step to change your name. Example - "when clicking your name to edit your name homepage etc you have to go through an extra step to get there - https://prntscr.com/loaihs and then - https://prnt.sc/loaipf to change name / avatar/ homepage. This extra step is off-putting." Fixes in progress: Test Done Description x x 502 Connection errors x Faster pop up dialogs x Not added as friend etc
  4. Anti


    This seems fine to me. It draws attention and incentive to users wanting to be recognized for making a game and will get more people involved in this creative innovation xat is now offering. If the admin does not want to create a new pawn for this and rather use the cyan pawn then it seems fine to me. Celebrity is acknowledged because they are popular or well known, if a user creates something that is popular and will be well known it makes sense for them to have that recognition / celebrity pawn if no other pawn could be created. If another pawn could be created however, that would probably be better. I would be willing to take a look at creating a custom pawn for this if needed as well. Just need the confirmation.
  5. Bau

    Hello Mike-y Mouse 😍 I see u 😯👼 😛

    How are you ?

    Congratulations smiley maker :p

  6. Can we start doing this for more powers? I think the idea of having the community suggest more smiley's to powers is good and gets the community involved in the designing process. People should be able to suggest things they want added if they're willing to purchase the power.
  7. Collections. All that needs to be said here.
  8. We can't live on without the rhythm ♪

    1. oj
    2. lemona


      Make the bomb bomb beat, I'll give you melody!!!

  9. I have banned @Mike forever because who else is going to do it?
  10. Phin should get off the forum

    1. Blossoms
    2. Phin


      Worry about how Social is going downhill. 🤬😡 


      I don’t even check it very often you censor.

    3. zed


      phin should leave this planet 

  11. Social has changed its policy on members, moderators and owners. Currently we are waiting longer before giving out these ranks so people feel they have a chance to earn them. We give out temp mods to users we deem active and follow the rules to see what they are capable of. All users are able to earn ranks on Social now. We are not bias so anyone including ex Social staff that quit have a chance once again if they wish to return to Social. Of course if they don't return that's their choice but we are giving that option to the users that feel like they may have unfairly been demoted from the chat. A forever banned user Dallas is now a member and active in the chat and has already earned temp mod so this should prove enough that we aren't bias. If there's any further issues with Social and how it is managed then consult me privately. I don't see the point in this thread any further. Thanks.
  12. Didn't know a 24 hour ban = forever ban events - http://prntscr.com/kidm9s confirmation of user id - http://prntscr.com/kidmpi You were saying..?
  13. I feel like I should put my input in here given this is discussing the chat that I run and manage. I'll just try to explain in brief some of what has taken place on Social in the past, and what has led to where we are now and why we have ended up where we are. The Beginning Originally, I saw that Social was basically nearly dead and I knew it wasn't going anywhere because Life simply did not have the time to dedicate to the chat anymore due to being busy with real life things. This is understandable. I asked him if I could take over ownership of the chat and he agreed. I later then asked the admin to run the chat as Life had agreed that I could. I took the chat with very specific goals in mind once I had gotten the chat. Revive the chat. Bring back activity, and users to the chat and make it active and alive again. Bring back old Social staff that had either quit, been demoted in the past, or overlooked users that had been loyal to the chat. Work with the staff and the users both to create a fun enjoyable active environment where everyone has a place to hang out, watch movies, and chill. Make the chat more lenient while still staying within the "official" standards. In the beginning of getting the chat I was able to acquire some old Social staff users that had quit or had been removed. I was very happy to have old staff on board with my plans for Social. In the beginning it was still very much empty and for a few months I struggled to keep the staff and users interested in the chat. I can understand people don't want to sit on a dead chat. The main problem I had was that a lot of the staff I had picked either became flaky, caused drama and fought with other users, or just outright quit. This had been an ongoing problem and frustration that made me want to give up on Social. I figured if most of the staff and users didn't care about the chat then what was the point in putting in so much effort for the place just to have no one bother to help or care? That wasn't the only issue either. I had been told numerous times that users were reporting the chat for being inactive and dead. That they wanted to take Social from me because I had the chat. That they were looking for what they could to get me kicked out of the chat. I was constantly told that I was running a risk of Social being redirected to Chat if it continued to be inactive. The Change Recently a user by the name of Thug (an old staff member of Social / regular) came by the chat when it was entirely empty and basically I had about given up. He offered to help me if I listened to his advice. He convinced me he could help bring back Social and the goal could be met of the chat being active again. I agreed. We spent time working together changing EVERYTHING about the chat to better fit the users desires. Changing backgrounds, changing the bot commands minranks, changing the smiley line, updating the blog, changing staff. We did a lot of work to get the chat into a better position to handle more users. Not even a day or two after these changes were implemented we gained about 18 users total. The chat had gone from being dead, to overnight being active and alive. Glitch took notice of Social and decided to come hang out there. He is someone that is always targeted by volunteers and other users to be reported and then delisted. That is because his users can be "toxic" and spread personal information or cyber bullying. This is not Glitch's fault inherently, but it does give the others more reason to target him. It's also the fact he has such a large following and user-base. 30+ usually on his chats before they get torched. Anyways, Glitch started coming to Social and me, thug, and Glitch all discussed the benefit of having him merge his chat into Social. He agreed and he merged his chat over. Not even a day or two later we had 30 + users in the chat. We were active literally 24/7. The chat had not only been revived, but it was fully active and popping with users. The Challenge / Issues The downfall to the influx of users is the difficulty of managing a larger user base. It is harder to moderate a populated chat and it's even harder to find competent staff when most had either quit, or turned against Social for the changes that had been done. This led to more drama and complaints about Social being "toxic" and poorly managed. The reality is, Social is managing just fine. In the start yes the staff were messy because it is hard to find suitable staff for this chat. We aim to give moderator to the users that are active, and follow the rules, as well as can moderate the chat without being overly strict. The changes people are most unhappy with is the fact that I made Social more lenient, I allowed Glitch to become main owner and run the chat with me, and the fact that his user-base is known for being toxic. They are also unhappy that they were demoted or banned. The users that were demoted were either removed for being entirely against Social and the plans I had for it, (actively reporting, attempting to make Social look bad, reporting anything they can in attempts to take over the chat) being inactive or quitting, or removed for other reasoning. No one was just removed without thought as every staff is an asset to the chat and was. In fact, the proof that I was not purging staff off without thought is the fact that in the start for the first few months I allowed previous old staff to remain. I allowed staff that even were against my way of doing things and even caused drama to remain for a long time before finally removing them. The Summary Long story short. I changed Social for what I believe is the betterment of xat, and promotions as well. I made the chat more lenient so that more users feel less intimidated to be there and feel less worried about being banned off rapidly for minor infractions. My goal is to unite two user-bases together. Officials, and non officials, so that there is a mix of users, and that English users as well as Spanish have a Lobby they can enjoy their time on xat. Nobody likes strict rules. The only reason these are enforced is because they HAVE to be enforced. I am working to both enforce the rules, but in a more lenient and forgiving manner. This would draw more new users into xat rather than make them feel alienated simply for breaking rules and being forced to sit on Flirt. If you have any problem with me, or how I run the chat then I will be happy to hear what you have to say. I won't tolerate you reporting the chat and trying to undermine me behind my back sending in reports of every little thing you don't like or deem as unfair bias corruption. I am more than willing to talk civil to anyone that has an issue with these things. There is exceptions to this of course. I will not waste my time discussing with users that are close minded or openly against me and have no interest in helping Social at all. Thanks for the long read. Hope this addresses most of your concerns and complaints.
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  15. As King of the Forum, I have decided that we need 10 friends to protect the Dukedom.

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