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  1. otomok

    HTML5 Interface Update

    so no fixes?
  2. otomok

    HTML5 Interface Update

    So some are saying the flash is working properly. maybe it is but i cant click any of the apps to work,grid,emotes doodle ,games... youtube works but only a black box appears and thats it... im using firefox and html 5 xat
  3. otomok

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Well in the standard version of xat if i click someones name i can see what chat they are in unless they have no follow on also there is a grid button to the right that would let you see everyone's avatar that is in the chat
  4. otomok

    HTML5 Interface Update

    what about seeing where friends are when you click name or grid,games?,
  5. otomok

    html 5 xat not working right

    http://prntscr.com/k1a6vs started a hour ago and only loads that
  6. otomok

    adding newer friends wont save after log in

    tried firefox opera chrome ie edge the fact that i tried this on 3 different computers should mean its on xats end
  7. otomok

    adding newer friends wont save after log in

    tried this and it did not work
  8. so if i add someone on xat then re-log in it completely deletes that person i added... this started some time ago and i dont know how to fix this... ive tried reset the flash memory logged onto other browsers and any other kind of trick to fix this tried this on three computers too so i know its not me but something on xats end... using html5 works but you cant see users logged in via the grid option you cant see where your friend is (not counting those with no follow) you cant view someones profile either i dont know what to do... i liked the flash version but so far nothing is resolving this issue
  9. otomok

    friends list not saving

    for the time being im using html5 for xat as a temperary fix! friends list works perfect on html5
  10. A option to download and upload your friends list to xat because im tired of xat deleting my friends list when i relog in.
  11. otomok

    friends list not saving

    All normal methods do not work!
  12. otomok

    friends list not saving

    so far the support staff have been no help with this issue... xat used to save my friends list until sometime last year... what happens is ill add a friend and when i relog into xat they are deleted... ive tried several solutions... increase flash size ,different browsers everything up to date... so i feel like its not my computer thats doing this... anyone know a solution to this?
  13. Is there anyway to fix this...

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