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  1. Is there anyway to fix this...
  2. What do i need to do then?
  3. after several tries nothing seems to work... but the friends list does save when i registered on a new account... so why is it working on the new account and not my current one...
  4. I have tried your method and it still refuses to keep them added...
  5. I will try this and reply
  6. So I've tolerated this for a long time but i'm fed up with xats bugged friends list system... Here the issue, When ever i re-login from being auto logged out, some of my recent friends are completely deleted. This happens EVERY time i relog into xat. My storage is set to unlimited and still it deletes them when the process happens.. Is there a solution to this?
  7. The whole point of me adding them the first time is not to re-add them. this is clearly a fault with xats data system ad once it automatically logs you out any recent friends are deleted... i am sick and tired of readding all of them due to a issue with xats data system
  8. i logged into a new laotop with xat and when i did it deleted a lot of my friends...does xat save your friends list? if it does why did it not save and restore
  9. Friends list not saving

    So i noticed my newer friends that ive added to xat never save when i re login whats the deal with this? its gotten on my nerves now