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  1. friends list not saving

    for the time being im using html5 for xat as a temperary fix! friends list works perfect on html5
  2. A option to download and upload your friends list to xat because im tired of xat deleting my friends list when i relog in.
  3. friends list not saving

    All normal methods do not work!
  4. friends list not saving

    so far the support staff have been no help with this issue... xat used to save my friends list until sometime last year... what happens is ill add a friend and when i relog into xat they are deleted... ive tried several solutions... increase flash size ,different browsers everything up to date... so i feel like its not my computer thats doing this... anyone know a solution to this?
  5. Is there anyway to fix this...
  6. What do i need to do then?
  7. after several tries nothing seems to work... but the friends list does save when i registered on a new account... so why is it working on the new account and not my current one...
  8. I have tried your method and it still refuses to keep them added...
  9. I will try this and reply
  10. So I've tolerated this for a long time but i'm fed up with xats bugged friends list system... Here the issue, When ever i re-login from being auto logged out, some of my recent friends are completely deleted. This happens EVERY time i relog into xat. My storage is set to unlimited and still it deletes them when the process happens.. Is there a solution to this?
  11. The whole point of me adding them the first time is not to re-add them. this is clearly a fault with xats data system ad once it automatically logs you out any recent friends are deleted... i am sick and tired of readding all of them due to a issue with xats data system
  12. i logged into a new laotop with xat and when i did it deleted a lot of my friends...does xat save your friends list? if it does why did it not save and restore
  13. Friends list not saving

    So i noticed my newer friends that ive added to xat never save when i re login whats the deal with this? its gotten on my nerves now