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  1. Hi there, thank you for answering. I have already done that. As I've looked for help in the help page. I was told by the moderators to clear my cookies I did, I logged in and the same issue continued. I was told to do the same but to wait at least 15 mins I did, and the same issue occurred. I was also told to use another browser, And still have issues with that. I need someone to revise my profile for glitches or someone to open a ticket for me because the system keeps saying Security Check failed if I try to open one. The last option I was given was to contact someone through here (forum) So I need someone to open a ticket for me. Please and thank you.
  2. Hi, volunteers I need someone to open a ticket for me since the system is not allowing me to do it. I have tried all methods provided by the help page moderators but none worked. So I need someone to open a ticket for me the system always says security check failed when I try to do it myself. Please help. I need a ticket with the following message: I did a transaction at trade with another user. I sold some of my powers which are (foe) (reghide) (topman) (radio) (fruities) (badge) (ksun) (nick) (me) for 155 days, but I don't see them reflected in my account, I still have the days I already had. Please let me know what happened. When I go to the help page it tells me system 55 error. Thank you. http://prnt.sc/cp1l4o
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