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  1. 36 minutes ago, iAngelo said:

    Hey all,

    I was recently helping a user in help where he told me that he was constantly being prompted to login, where he would then go login and be greeted by the infamous "Please wait..." message that never seemed to disappear.

    I first prompted the user to do the usual steps that I tell people to get rid of this "Please wait..." message, which led to a successful login on his part. We then attempted to trade and again, he was prompted to login. He did so.


    I then decided to try to get him to transfer to me to see if I could gain any information from that. He again was prompted to login.


    I asked a volunteer and they told me that he was held. He himself said that he recently had a 7 day hold, but it should have expired by now.


    I decided the best course of action for him to take was to open a support ticket, which I led him through. The only problem that we encountered however, is that whenever he finally attempted to "submit" his support ticket, he was prompted with a security check that forced him to login. As you can imagine, he's being forced into an endless cycle of logging in and being logged out/security check at this point.


    My question is: will a volunteer need to open a ticket for this user, or is there a possible solution to his problem?
    The user does not have a forum account, however when he returns I will prompt him to create one.


    For additional information, the user told me that he was NOT using a proxy and/or VPN to use xat.
    He was getting the "Please Wait..." message on chrome, and after clearing his cache, exiting chrome, and attempting to login on a different browser (Firefox), he was able to successfully login.

    His regname and ID is iimanoiiii (1499728611). He's currently away but I told him I would write him a forum post seeing as how he was pretty confused on how to do so.

    Any and all help is appreciated! 



    " This is my account :   iimanoiiii (1499728611) , what do i do ?

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