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  1. I can confirm that i have received the prize:
  2. Oh lol i did not see that . Ayway,congratulations! to you
  3. First go to my chat, click "Edit Your Chat" above the "Sign Out" button, then select a chat you need it to add as a tab and press "Get", Then check the tickbox and the last step press OK. iimanoiiii (1499728611) Angelo win 1 skip 1
  4. Happy birthday to you dude @iMIKI

    1. iMIKI


      Thank you bro ! (hug)

    2. iMano
  5. Congrats! @Lunala. I think you are the winner. Good luck
  6. Congratulations! @SlOom . Good luck for you
  7. The first thing that i've to do is report (Who scammed me) to xat.com/ticket with sufficient proof (screenshots or video showing ID.... etc about the scam ). If i have forgotten to take proof, i can still open a ticket with information regarding the scam and a volunteer can look through trade logs. Note : It is very important to submit evidence, which also benefit the credibility of the subject iimanoiiii (1499728611)
  8. Imgur,Photobucket,Cubeupload,Tinypic,Uploads.im and ImageShack I think too late
  9. Congratulations! @Solange, good luck
  10. All amazing !. I liked it so much.
  11. Happy birthday @Abbie !

    1. Abbie


      Thank you, iMano! :> 

  12. iMano

    I never never

    Hmm. I wish I had a bird
  13. iMano

    I never never

    I never never i've had a dog 10/10
  14. " This is my account : iimanoiiii (1499728611) , what do i do ?
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