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  1. Happy birthday Amna, enjoy your day! 

  2. Happy birthday Guinho!  (hug)

    1. Guinho


      Thank you, bro!! (hug)

  3. XiiManoiiX (1499728611)
  4. iMano

    New design

    I liked it so much, your choice of colors and shapes was good. Good job bro
  5. Happy birthday, Sonic! 

  6. iMano

    Win 1500 XATS

    Received, thanks Maxo
  7. Happy birthday Lukasz! 🎂🎂

    1. lukasz


      Thanks bro ;)

  8. iMano

    Win 1500 XATS

    XiiManoiiX (1499728611)
  9. Hello @Maxo No one can deny that the romanian community has taken a huge place in xat and as a result of that, we can't interrupt this community and I totally agree with reopening Ajutor for the reason I mentioned. The users also have the rights where to ask for help, xat offers a chat for every common language in it and the users have the rights to ask for help there or in any other chat but at the end xat did what it suppose to do. Regarding Mosa3adeh, I can agree there was a period when there weren't available staff and most of them left xat due to personal reasons and being busy with life, as I said it was just a period of time but now Mosa3adeh is more active than any time ever before and most of the old staff have returned. I respect your opinion but you should know the difference between old Mosa3adeh and the new one. Congratulations for reopening Ajutor and best wishes for the staff of it.
  10. Congrats Lemona you deserve it. (applause)

  11. iMano

    Happy birthday Pia 

  12. Happy birthday @Help24 Have a nice day.
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