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  1. iimanoiiii (1499728611)
  2. iMano


    iimanoiiii (1499728611)
  3. Congrats Lemona you deserve it. (applause)

  4. iimanoiiii (1499728611)
  5. iMano

    Happy birthday Pia 

  6. Happy birthday @Help24 Have a nice day.
  7. I have Snakebanned @6 For banning the people above her reply
  8. Happy birthday LaFleur!

  9. I have spacebanned @6 For winning 34 days before
  10. Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need Money xD

    1. Mystic


      That’s sad but true for some people. Some people prefer wealth over love and kindness.

    2. iMano


      Yeah, right :(

  11. I have banned @ANGY For not saying good morning.
  12. I have banned @ANGY forever because she didn't react " Haha " on my post which made her laugh
  13. I have banned @Bau Because he is not my friend
  14. I have banned @Cupim for not adding my name to the list xD
  15. Have a good vacation Nate! And congrats for you @Stivee
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