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  1. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship! XiiManoiiX (1499728611)
  2. XiiManoiiX (1499728611)
  3. Happy birthday! enjoy your day. (victory)

    1. Valstein


      M a n o  ,  Thanks brother! (hug) @iMano

  4. Congratulations Luana!
  5. My favorite singer is Billie Eillish
  6. Duygu wanted to state that we get used to the old version and it was easy to open the translator from the left side list of apps but at the same time it got improved into the new version of HTML5 as the settings are configured while you are connected and no longer need to be always appearing while being used and we should keep up with the new version as it will be more comfortable because of its features that's still getting improved. Regarding staying online duration I think it should be extended a bit.
  7. XiiManoiiX (1499728611) I think I don't belong to this world tbh.
  8. Happy birthday Marya :$
    Enjoy your day!(victory)

  9. My favorite helpers are @Mafia1 and @oka, I have learnt from them much so far The lovely German help room Moderator, @DUYGU as well.
  10. iMano

    Geometric pawn

    The new shapes are cool and I liked the colors as well. You have a point there, current pawns remained outdated and need to be updated.
  11. Looks so cutie, I liked it.
  12. Happy birthday Mihai! enjoy your day.(ok)

    1. Mihai


      Thank you (ok)

  13. Happy birthday Sloom! (applause)

  14. Congratulations @Stif!
  15. sgxCq3u.gif

    1. iMano


      Hey Duygu, how are you doing?  8-)

    2. DUYGU


      I'm fine. thank you. how are you?  (hug)

    3. DUYGU
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