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  1. Alyn

    Power VIKINGS

    Cool idea bro ibs , should be addead a new power or to hats for quests or new package of it named vikings
  2. Your suggestion is very nice even the power makers should create a similar power or taking part of your idea , even if was already suggested by others...i agree and i like it
  3. Alyn

    SEACALF powers!

    Will be cool power <3 i support it because i like it much
  4. Alyn

    GARDEN powers!

    I like this suggestion, definitely should be a great power or maded us a collection powers of it with these idea
  5. Prize recived Thanks to @Bau for it <3
  6. xixAlinITx (796986563) Night on xat ARCbot to help clients <3
  7. Great job with power invisible update to stay invisible for others on xat room's . Thanks
  8. Yeah similar like there will be cool idea @Vevrok
  9. @Angelo i gues is similar or used on xat like "@xatID or @regname" when people talking on main xat
  10. 1. Gold 2. Big 3. Purple 4. Angel 5. Clear 6. NameFlag 7. Fairy
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDo4tqzmVoA
  12. Alyn

    About Hat Pawns

    Yup greet idea to use the pawn with hat ...with old powers and new powers
  13. Happy Birthday Lemona

  14. Alyn

    430 RUBY

    @Admin better rename it from Ruby to Emerald << should be better and nice name for the new Epic pawn if all are writing "emerald" << rename it please Thanks
  15. Yea ,can be one new power + Gifts sending to people or at one girl/boy,friends on xat why not... Better then nothing and to be somethink new for all i can say it has a great idea for xat and @Admin can read & decide it if all are supporting his idea + suggestions. Great job Paul
  16. Great idea to be used these type of power anyway without gline or with gline using us style of smiles.Basicaly with gline to use them classic version and new versions using command $csmiles= or somethink like his idea. @Keep has a good idea for the power beeing Limited trusted and nice power if @Admin accepts his idea
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