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  1. happy birthday


  2. R3DDS

    Happy  Birthday!

  3. Happy  Birthday  @Alyn

  4. Marya

    Happy bday 

  5. Booh

    happy birthday

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDo4tqzmVoA
  7. Congratulations to you both
  8. Alyn

    About Hat Pawns

    Yup greet idea to use the pawn with hat ...with old powers and new powers
  9. Happy Birthday Lemona

  10. Bleiz

    Helloooooo broo :3

    1. Alyn
    2. Bleiz


      Welcome to forum broo<3 ♥

  11. Alyn

    430 RUBY

    @Admin better rename it from Ruby to Emerald << should be better and nice name for the new Epic pawn if all are writing "emerald" << rename it please Thanks
  12. Yea ,can be one new power + Gifts sending to people or at one girl/boy,friends on xat why not... Better then nothing and to be somethink new for all i can say it has a great idea for xat and @Admin can read & decide it if all are supporting his idea + suggestions. Great job Paul
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