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  1. Congrats Vale. All the best. Vale and Brandon are great persons. I got a warning. Lol.
  2. Hello, I could not fail to congratulate this incredible person. Isk was one of the most responsible and prudent people I've ever met. I'm sure he'll do a great job. Congratulations, Isk.
  3. Hello there, Yes, each person can choose their favorite color. Not because not all use should not have it.
  4. Very good tips. In this way facilitates the process of choosing the hat patterns. Congratulations.
  5. Hello, Ider. But it happens at times that are not expected. It may happen that the moderators are busy at the moment. Hardly happens profanity and dawn troll attacks in the schedule of Brazil. All the best.
  6. Stah has a heart of gold and he deserves many achievements in life. Congratulations for the work.
  7. Hello. This makes long ago. But I remember was related to Dragon Ball. here were random numbers that even now I cannot remember. Unfortunately I put in an email I forgot the password and hotmail doesn't give the password for lack of evidence. At the time was keywords and placed randomly, too. One day I get a way to know. All the best.
  8. I met the plataform in 2006. Really it grew and with great commitment of the administrators. The most amazing they never gave up and kept steady. This is how a company grows.
  9. Hello, FrozenZuke. These ideas not being so good can more forward result in better ideas. Small ideas make a big difference. Hugs.
  10. Hello, Scrub. I like Legend of Online, DDTank and others RPG games. Have a great day.
  11. Hello, iSanty. Great suggestion. The namegrad has its limitations and can not really take effect in one only. So would facilitate the process. Congrats.
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