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  1. 22 minutes ago, Dmytro said:

    Flash will be over in 2020. HTML5 is the future. That's why.


    But the future of what? I still don't see progress I see everything the same

    I hope that before 2020 html5 is ready completely without failures, Check the app is still not well

    4 hours ago, Angelo said:

    Idea: Do not post a thread about a new power until at least the smiley previews are available!


    My suggestion before you want to delete my comments

    is that we can discuss all with the administrator (42) admin of the xat improvements to fix xat.com and stop taking out so many powers and powers

    Isn't it better to take advantage of that time and improving? 2020 is coming and he expects us to use something that doesn't work well

    I think the sticker powers are excellent, I don't say they are ugly, but what is the use if we don't use html5 ...

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