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  1. 1 hour ago, Hitman said:

    i tried everything, ur links all the browsers but it doesnt help...


    I see that you are using another browser in the capture


    Did you download the firefox? I recommend that you restart your internet and make sure you have a good connection


    Does the problem only happen on the main page? Or is it at xat.com/login too?

  2. I liked the suggestion, this should be added in the future with HTML5


    It is no longer necessary to use the bots to know who is the most active


    It would be very good to add how long the connected state in the xat and thus collect the most active but not only in the xat than the connected state if it cannot also collect in all the general xat.com and know who is the most active of xat.com


    the design is beautiful and elegant would make a good combination in HTML5

    This should be added in the future.

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