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  1. You could improve even more this new update of html5


    1) the bar below is something big the one above where the logo of (xat.com) would be fine




    The buttons to close session does not work and edit the profile still does not work

    Trade does not work


    Another problem is that this and the majority of applications looks great when the background takes up a lot of space




    Another problem that I'm looking at is when you try to open the groups or the store and want to go to some popular chat or go direct to trade and I do not open another window but send me direct closing to which I am



  2. Nobody lies that xat.com is dying every day

    when there were 6 rooms in trade or cambio now there will only be 2 and 3 rooms to buy or sell some powers

    The chat in general for all languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese is dying and there are almost no people and each time they leave more because xat begins to bore or because there are no people with whom they have any conversation as there are also scammers and they never receive some support among other things.

    Administrators should focus more on this than on html5 or get new powers every week because what happens if there are no people on xat will not work on any of this

    the administrator should look for options or listen to suggestions and not let xat.com die and take it to a future and with html5 it could be one of the best alternatives and it would be the main one but at the moment I do not think this will work if there are no users.

    xat.com could be one of the best chat that other online chat that there is online but if there is something that motivates them not to retire and return more and more people would be the best

    I do not want xat to die I love xat.com and that's why I want to give this opinion and that something can be done before it's too late

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