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  1. 59 minutes ago, Abrahan said:

    Very nice everything, but which person holds the prize?


    the owner has the prize.


    there will be several powers and xats, days playing in the manicomio room on the 22nd and 23rd at the commented time


    there will be! randomnumber with the bot room manicomio (ARCBots)


    Fixed numbers, retail and major number


    there will also be randomuser and gamebot and more games

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  2. 44 minutes ago, Crow said:


    No hay advertencia una advertencia si no ha hecho nada malo. Sin embargo, su reputación puede ajustarse de manera justa según las circunstancias.


    En cualquier caso, si le preocupa que los usuarios se dirijan a usted y le otorguen una reputación excesiva sin ningún motivo, infórmelo si nota que sucede.



    Agradecemos que no haya infringido ninguna regla y que no haya obligado a nadie a que le guste su contenido.


    Sin embargo, su reputación aún necesita restablecerse porque obtuvieron cantidades masivas de reputación de otros cuando era indebida.



    Si los usuarios continúan otorgando trofeos sin motivo, cada caso será revisado en consecuencia.


    Hay muchos factores a considerar, incluida la cantidad de veces que ha sucedido y por cuánto tiempo ha estado sucediendo.



    Deberíamos evitar crear drama innecesario aquí.


    With all due respect, I'm not doing any drama or maybe I can't say what I want

    I am responding with education and commenting on something alone

    I think we can all say, we are already too big for that

    If the reputation system has been that way for years, they will now realize and take away the reputation of those who are good for them, then the comments I am reading in this post give you a trophy instead of "likes." don't you take away all the qualification? They will take away or tell me about that.


    34 minutes ago, Thuk said:

    esa es mi respuesta para todos los que lloran por la reputación


    I don't see anything serious about your comment, so @Crow can't tell me anything, since yours passes the line and being a collaborator

  3. 39 minutes ago, siglo said:


    ¿Está mal el sistema desde hace un año y ahora se dan cuenta? Si no sabe cómo administrar un foro, renuncie y ponga a las personas que saben y pueden resolver los problemas y no abusen de su poder en el foro.


    i think the same if this is so years ago, now is that you realize? they are just abusing their rank


    they should give up and have dignity


    @Lemona i do not need to know or not english, xat is international and there are many tools to communicate with others, everyone has errors or you do not have?


    the majority of users that are in xat are few and that most are all spanish speaking.

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