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  1. 1 hour ago, DJFUNNY said:


    thank you @Maxo... Every day i've been wearing a mask... 

    I feel so sad because of the virus... (cry)




    we are all in a very delicate situation and we must avoid leaving the houses a lot, use a lot of protection, wash our hands afterwards and use the mask and a hand sanitizer sooner or later, we will all get out of this.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, Actavus said:

    Is only an issue if abused.

    Bot power was originally created by xat admins to help prevent raid bots, while still allowing bot providers to safely run.

    This allows bot providers to not have to worry about updating their code to bypass xat's raid systems should xat admins update it to block more raid bots.


    Although we make sure to do the following to help keep things safe for everyone:


    ARCbot's doesn't bypass bot power.

    Although bot pawn doesn't always work as intended:

    1. Bot power gets changed to a different xatid while ARCbot is still online
    2. xat systems glitches
    3. Chat gets unlisted temporarily disabling bot power


    ARCbot never stays in a chat unless given permission:

    1. We require an Owner+ to do !confirmbot when it joins a room for the first time
    2. Main Owner can always force remove an ARCbot by revoking this permission with command: !unconfirmbot



    Do you mean that anyone can add a bot to a room without confirmation from the xat administrator?

    I think that there is the power (bot) and there should be a confirmation from a main owner to add the bot.

    on the contrary it happens with oceanproject, anyone can add a bot to any room, and after that that bot cannot be removed

    I was just commenting on this, because I think it’s serious I don’t know what the xat administrator said @Admin

    I also want to say that I don't see correctly that there are two bots from one company and another added to a room

    I think with a bot, be it arcbots, oceanproject, fexbots is enough and it is enough anyone can choose which company you choose

    and of course the gamebot is the secondary bot

    The gamebot does not work for sure.

  3. 6 hours ago, SLOom said:

    Puedes tener 2 bots siempre y cuando no abuses de él.


    Sabemos que la mayoría de los grupos están usando Ocean para Spotify (ejemplo: Sobhet) y otro para Juegos (o algo más).


    Entonces, no es un problema.




    5 hours ago, Sydno said:

    It is allowed to have 2 bots (not more) but if and only if you have 2 bot powers assigned.



    9 hours ago, Nycton said:

    Hi @D4niel


    Years ago they did not occupy 2 bots in the room, today nothing to worry about, it is an old form for users who do not have money to buy the services of a company and use it for juices.


    There is nothing to worry about




    9 hours ago, iDan said:

    Good morning, I'm on the arcbot team and I've always seen arcbot and other companies together, so this is normal for me.



    I understand but I think this is serious and oceanproject is making a mistake

    you can try adding an oceanproject, without the need of the power bot

    just by registering on the page and adding a bot to a room, a bot is registered in that xat, and it cannot be deleted without the knowledge of the owner of the xat

    Is this allowed?

  4. today entering an xat, I find several xat using two bots in the same xat I don't know if this is allowed or not

    but arcbots and fexbots ask for power (bot)

    oceanproject is not requiring this use and you can easily add a bot without the need for power which leads to having two bots

    Is this allowed? @Nathan @Actavus @FEXBots  @Jedi   @LP89


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