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  1. congratulations to the winners, enjoy those wonderful prizes and long live xat hola
  2. this power will no longer be SUPER LIMITED There are already 800 units and it is between 2k and 3k for that they wanted to call it SUPER LIMITED? when there were 400 units it was 10k when there were 600 units it was 5k
  3. The power is very nice, everything is fine But what is not right is that I take power again the next year (2021) at least it doesn't have to come bundled with (everypower) in order to have the emerald pawn If they take out few units, how will those who have everypower and need this power do? you will have to pay more than + 10k when the power came out for 211 xats in the store I think it is a serious mistake and it is time to change this. I think if they want it to be re-released for the next year, it doesn't affect everypower. Either release all the units or some that reach +1200 so that I can satisfy those who have everypower and really need the power. @Admin
  4. we are all in a very delicate situation and we must avoid leaving the houses a lot, use a lot of protection, wash our hands afterwards and use the mask and a hand sanitizer sooner or later, we will all get out of this.
  5. COME AND WIN https://xat.com/Manicomio WE START IN 30 MINUTES
  6. Do you mean that anyone can add a bot to a room without confirmation from the xat administrator? I think that there is the power (bot) and there should be a confirmation from a main owner to add the bot. on the contrary it happens with oceanproject, anyone can add a bot to any room, and after that that bot cannot be removed I was just commenting on this, because I think itโ€™s serious I donโ€™t know what the xat administrator said @Admin I also want to say that I don't see correctly that there are two bots from one company and another added to a room I think with a bot, be it arcbots, oceanproject, fexbots is enough and it is enough anyone can choose which company you choose and of course the gamebot is the secondary bot The gamebot does not work for sure.
  7. I understand but I think this is serious and oceanproject is making a mistake you can try adding an oceanproject, without the need of the power bot just by registering on the page and adding a bot to a room, a bot is registered in that xat, and it cannot be deleted without the knowledge of the owner of the xat Is this allowed?
  8. today entering an xat, I find several xat using two bots in the same xat I don't know if this is allowed or not but arcbots and fexbots ask for power (bot) oceanproject is not requiring this use and you can easily add a bot without the need for power which leads to having two bots Is this allowed? @Nathan @Actavus @FEXBots @Jedi @LP89
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