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  1. Lewdbrat ;) AHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Totally love that idea. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thunderclouds


      Thank you, Dan! (victory)

  4. Happy birthday Thunder (hug) 

    celebrate happy birthday GIF by Nora Simon

    1. Thunderclouds


      Thank you, Neno!!! (hug)

  5. Happy birthday Thunderclouds  (hug) 


    1. Thunderclouds


      Thank you, Legend! (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      you're welcome  (hug) 

  6. Happy birthday thunderkook long life for you, and full of happines in your life (hug)happy birthday GIF

    1. Thunderclouds


      Thank you so much titajoon! Appreciate it a lot!! (hug)

  7. We can have our own ribbon smiley instead of using costumes power. We can have those ribbon pawn too like Rainbow power.
  8. Hello Everyone! It would be cool if xat made powers that create public awareness to health conditions and other important issues. We can list the awareness ribbon colors and associated causes regarding health and disability. The meaning behind an awareness ribbon depends on its colors and pattern. The world isn’t a perfect place. While awareness ribbons may not stop that sad truth, they do serve as bright spots of hope in an otherwise dark situation. It’s a simple symbol, but it can be incredibly powerful!
  9. Happy birthday Abrahan

    1. Abrahan


      Hey Thunder! Thanks you very much (hug)

    2. Thunderclouds


      No probs! (hug)

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