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  1. That's really a nice suggestion, and i agree, should be added to hats as permanent.
  2. Ayooo! Splatoon 2 may be our favourite game of all time. Soon ya? @Enter
  3. Thank you for hosting! Happy Valentines day to you two! @Dimple @DjCrazy
  4. Definetly Valentine power. Totally love that cupid, rose and rose2 smilies.
  5. I agree with Sydno. Imagine spreading dangerous misinformation to vulnerable people while pretending to be a qualified medical professional.. this can be very bad and risky.
  6. Well, some people aren't very comfortable sharing about their occupation, they want to keep it personal. Just like Enter has mentioned, we do not want them to feel inferior/embarrassed by their job. We do not want them to get laughed or attacked by the community. If you really want others to know what your occupation is, we already have Work/Medical power, you can include that in your name or you can write that in your xatspace or status.
  7. Miss U Spongebob Squarepants GIF

    miss you bb :(

    1. Nash


      its okk bb i am here (cute) Happy Sorpren GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    2. iSavage
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