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  1. Yeah, that didn't work. :/ Guess I'm going to have to PM a volunteer. Thanks though!
  2. So, I may have messed up on my part by permanently deleting my old email beforehand, but... here's what happened. I opened a ticket to have my email updated to the one I currently use. I no longer wanted my old email. Problem is my old email is still registered with my Xat account, I accidentally deleted it, and now I can't check my ticket status because when I log in it gives me the security check thing, which sends me the email link to the now-defunct account and I can't get that email account back. Is there any way I can login without having to go through the security check crap
  3. A fedora would be nice and classy.
  4. We could rename the power to Stanley Cup. Just that if it's approved, it would have to be released during playoff time. But that is an idea. I was just thinking of the hockey power in more general terms since I know there's both ice hockey and field hockey. We could have the Stanley Cup as another smiley, which I have no idea how I didn't think of that. As for the smiley in the sinbin, I do like that idea. It'd be kind of like the jail smiley. I'm just not sure how the penalty box would be designed. I guess it'd be the penalty box door with plexiglass and the smiley behind it. I mean, that is
  5. This would just be a power with a set of smileys for all hockey fans. It includes a smiley holding an ice hockey stick, another one holding a field hockey stick, a smiley wearing a hockey helmet, a puck smiley, and a goalie net. Also, users who have the power should be able to put an ice hockey helmet on their pawn and it should be available all year. The hockey power would be limited. What do you guys think?
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