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  1. myow

    happy birthday sweet girl  i wish you sweet life enjoy your day (hug)  (blowkiss)   :$ :$ 

    1. Marya


      Thank you my sweet heart (hug)(blowkiss)

  2.  we  done the ramadan happy eid for  all muslims  

    1. Maxo


      happy eid you too (hug) eid mubarek

    2. myow



  3. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  4. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  5. i love u bebeti ramadan karim ramdan karim ty
  6. hi guys happy ramadan for all muslims. enjoy it . i wish god protect you all and accept your fasting and your pray .

  7. hi guys happy ramdan for all muslims enjoy it . i wish god protect you all and accept your fasting and your pray .
  8. happy birthday (blowkiss)(hug)

  9. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  10. oh ok i didnt saw it that i type it to time
  11. myow

    help me please

    wait 5 days held will be gone and or open ticket about held
  12. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  13. myow

    eres un amigo increíble 
     bueno (ok)


  14. search for a good bff (ok)

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    2. myow


      lol vritme what ! 

    3. Kopas


      Hello Myow how are you? (hug) I offer you my friendship, although my English level is very basic, I feel frustrated because I can not have more friends due to the language limitation.

    4. myow


      you can speak spanish and i know some words  :'(

  15. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  16. myow


    @lemona i mean not in browser.. i mean as app or massenger for not need every time login and its hard in browser maybe they can add it to xat app in futur
  17. myow


    i think its good to make xat forum app messanger or something in phone( same to xat app )
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