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  1. myow


    @lemona i mean not in browser.. i mean as app or massenger for not need every time login and its hard in browser maybe they can add it to xat app in futur
  2. myow


    i think its good to make xat forum app messanger or something in phone( same to xat app )
  3. i got no prize till now . stiff he didnt gave me nothing why !
  4. hi kopas where i can get the prize
  5. myow

    promotion problem

    ok ty i told him that
  6. myow

    promotion problem

    someone had problem of promotion idk why
  7. is promotion still down or no !
  8. when i go to edit chat i got password wrong and email wont send new password i made ticket but now my chat is black but i made update before 1 month
  9. admins still work in xat app and alot of things gonna be new in that app
  10. myow

    help me please

    open ticket about report scam
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