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  1. myow

    Contest #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  2. myow

    redirect problem

    hello lafleur i use chrome so i get this problem . and i use opara i have login problem i do not use opera beta yet
  3. myow

    login problem

    ty my love
  4. Congrats Sis, Your Advanced Members :$

    1. myow


      thanks my love  (hug)

  5. :$

    Advanced Members yupppppppppppppp 

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    2. Mystic


      Congrats Myow! It's good to see you are trying to be more active on forum.

    3. myow


      thanks mystic . yes when i have a time i be more active 

    4. Mystic


      your welcome!

  6. myow

    login problem

    i have a normal opera i will uninstalite it and get opera beta ty
  7. myow

    login problem

    ty i will try other browser thats you suggested yes chrome not work well . i will uninstlate opera and download it again ty
  8. myow

    login problem

    ty page i did that before because someone suggust that for me . its work for 1 h and same problem back again
  9. myow

    login problem

    my login problem fexed like 1 h and its back again what i should do
  10. myow

    redirect problem

    ok lafleur ty i will do what you said
  11. myow

    redirect problem

    yes i know i have problem of ram. but this problem happen only with chrome. in other browser its works well
  12. myow

    login problem

    i made login i close all windaws and i get login succesuful but when i go to another chat i loss my login i get new user name and new id . but now its ok its works with me after i cleaned my opera ty page for help
  13. myow

    redirect problem

  14. myow

    Win GLITCH!

    OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  15. myow

    login problem

    when i login i get it succuseful and i go to xat chat its work....but if i change the chat i los my login and i get new xat user !why !

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