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  1. myow


    i suggested alot of things about pawn but no one supported me
  2. myow


    good power and we need more powerw about pawn and colors pawn
  3. myow

    paragraph power

    i mean to go to google traduction or use the power @Sydno but alot of users dont use hmtl5 its some times annoying so my idea its can help and its good @Sydno but alot of users dont use hmtl5 its some times annoying so my idea its can help and its good
  4. myow

    paragraph power

    @Anas im talking about without using that trunslator because it make you typing slow 1 2. sometimes you see loging problem or trunslator not trunslate corect ... 3 long phrase not trunslate so i think my idea is good
  5. myow

    paragraph power

    as we see all we speak différents langues and alot of users have trunslite problem . if you want trunslite you should trunslite word by word. . i suggest to maker paragraph power that can make use to copie all the meesage of user for to be easy if we trunslite it in google and fast .
  6. (hug)if i talk about a person who have good heart so im talking about you

     @Ruzo   you are amazing person  i love you(blowkiss)

    1. Ruzo


       thanks you also have good heart @myow 

    2. myow



  7. i'm satisfied about me, so i do not need to others to like me 

    1. maxo


      yep be yourself 

    2. myow
  8. myow

    invisible plus

    you didnt understood my idea
  9. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  10. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079)
  11. myow

    invisible plus

    read what i said before
  12. myow

    invisible plus

    i want this power working as ignore (offline)
  13. myow

    invisible plus

    im with you about cmd i have made member.......but my idea is to make invisible messages..... i do not care if the others see my ,name or no when others call me in main .. ....i care only about my mesg gonan be invisible and can send it to groupe users .
  14. myow

    invisible plus

    yes anas i think u understood my idea . thats what i mean
  15. myow

    invisible plus

    same to invisible power but this time should work as ignore others can see you but the one who u use with him this power cant see you and cant see your mesg and you can type in main a mesg to someone and someone cant see it. also u can send mesg to groupe users and others cant see u .

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