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  1. happy bday!!!

  2. Matchrace for xats taking place at xat.com/game right now!

    1. Maverick


      Leandro said he's got dibs on Blacky. 

    2. Zoomey


      Zoomey & Blacky >  Leandro and Blacky

    3. Maverick


      They both have something in common. ;)  

  3. Don't fear, don't fear! Zanty Claus is here !!!

    1. maxo


      yes don't fear (victory)

  4. Happy birthday !

  5. Zoomey (1473354205)
  6. Thanks to EVERYONE who participated! After a lot of consideration we have decided on our winners! First: @Fons (Second entry) Second: @Discann (Second entry) Third: @xPaulo (First entry) To collect your prizes please contact @Paul (Main Owner at xat_test). Well done to everyone!
  7. The contest is officially OVER. No further entries will be taken into consideration beyond this post. Winners will be announced in this post in the upcoming days.
  8. Contest ends in 10 minutes from now.
  9. Happy Birthday !!! (hug)

  10. Zoomey

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Zoomey (1473354205)
  11. Zoomey

    Some xatspaces i've made

    Want to make me one
  12. How's life?

    1. xLaming


      life sucks

    2. Blossoms


      what's life?

    3. Mystic


      It's going well right now.

  13. General Information With Halloween quickly approaching, Game wants to get into the Halloween spirit! The winning background will be used for Halloween. Details & Guidelines Both an inner background and outer background must be provided Must have a matching button color Background must be publicly posted in comments Limit of 3 entries per person Be as creative as possible Prize Information First Place: Purple power, 5,000 xats & background featured on xat Game chat for Halloween Second Place: 1,000 xats Third Place: 500 xats This contest has been given permission to proceed & confirmed by Main Owner @HelperNate Prize Holder @Paul Judges @HelperNate @Zoomey @Stivee Deadline for Entries The contest will conclude 19th of October at 6pm EST // 11pm BST // 5pm CST Good luck to everyone!
  14. GANG! GANG!


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