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  1. Zoomey

    Inquiries about HTML5

    When I'm trying to use HTML5 the chatbox isn't loading properly. Basically, it is only coming up with a black chatbox while the rest of the page loads in. Is there a reason for this or is it just because of my computer?
  2. I'm alive guyzzz

  3. Zoomey

    Plot Twist Game

    The aliens joined Milly's side
  4. Why is food so good?

  5. Zoomey

    security check E64

    A few people are having the issue where they're not getting an email @Arthur @LaFleur
  6. 14 days until I'm 17 (wary)

  7. Zoomey

    I never never

    I never never slept for a whole day 8/10
  8. Pizza :d

    1. saky


      Somebody can help me

  9. Zoomey

    Change One Word

    Small cage
  10. Zoomey

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum Apple Cyder
  11. Zoomey

    Yes or No

    Yes XD Do you smoke?
  12. Zoomey

    A-Z of Pokémon

  13. Zoomey

    This or That ???

    Ice Skating Coke or pepsi?

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