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  1. Nobody cares about these injustices! Now this problem i want Xat to solve
  2. <removed> I didn't say a bad word. Why Sevda Banned me Forever for no reason. Already Sevda is constantly being unfair. Please terminate this injustice. ( <removed> my dialog translate <removed> ) Shut up. say = forever Banned? this injustice. Sevda is always doing injustice. And there is a lot of evidence. Xat is interested in this problem now.
  3. Okay thank you very much for your help, Senior Maverick <3
  4. Ok Maverick, i try you saying. But what about the deletion of xatspace, which is part of the open ticket is needed?
  5. Oke, i understand. but im open new ticket try to system message re login again. im login ok. but again system message re login re login
  6. Hi, My xat space delated. xat.me/iSero Redirecting xat.com . ticket does not open. ' 1 http://imgur.com/a/PteBd ' ' 2 http://imgur.com/a/uRUCk ' ticket system error. It does not have access to the system. me, lies in the complaint, NightBlue3 (112 937 214). threatening, site administrators and by swearing at me. and he admits that he complained to me unfair. Proff ' 1 http://imgur.com/a/rfZoj ' ' 2 http://imgur.com/a/Y9iCz ' ' 3 http://imgur.com/a/DSQ96 ' Its thief, a crook and swindler. I complain about that for NightBlue3 (112 937 214). Please Help me by xat Forums.
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