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  1. Hello Dallas first i would like to say its not first time you create post like this one it happened years ago when you was demoted for abuse on social chat . Last time you deleted our blog as revenge rating down songs via bot is allowed ofc but would it be that hard to turn radio off i warned you several times to leave radio ppl alone you continued to harass them in pc and you even came back from your another account to rate songs down again.

    I dont want to sound rude or anything but you just was not fit for job as owner on official promo chat you cant have that kind of attidude and harass users and abuse them just because you dont like radio.

    And now another point being made your first post was deleted why this one still exist it bring nothing else then drama between community ? Dallas already posting images what he had on first post in discord servers.

    Dallas was demoted and banned for abuse and harassment everything was fair .




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  2. 50 minutes ago, Life said:

    Oh i'm sorry but what a joke.


    Everyone do me a favor, grab a plate take it out side and then drop it. 

    It breaks yes?

    Now say sorry to it.


    Did it fix the plate? No.


    Simple stuff, you think this justifies what you have done? Do you think sorry will fix what has been done and take away the pain you have caused? No.


    Think of your actions before you do something.


    We are all one race and you seem to think you are above the rest.

    Karma will deal to you in time.


    ROFL Life we all are humans we all done mistakes in past i think you are here  just  to cause drama  and u should drop it right there .

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