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  1. i like this suggestion would be useful . to have privet convo with more then one firend at same time .. l
  2. Blacky give up i pay u 1k xats.
  3. im sure this wont happen but i give it a try 420420
  4. lets continue and make it 100 FOLKS!
  5. invest it to somewhere safe place
  6. Goodluck to everyone who participate!
  7. Kriz

    Happy Birthday!


  8. Anar thank you for everything and good luck in the life! Dont forget to visit us ^^
  9. i could use it if it was there
  10. Merry Christmas !!!!

    1. Ereshkigal


      Merry Christmas!

  11. Congratulations Arthur! goodluck whit chat ^^
  12. Kriz

    xavi profiles

    awesome suggestion thanks Five for this ^^ (Y) nice job.
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