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  1. Hello dear xat users prize received! Thank you Mstr to the winners enjoy the xats dont spend them on ugly powers .
  2. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone!
  3. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone! 
  4. Good luck!!! Kriz (91204191
  5. I dont really care as i own both MrKriz, Kriz and Agreements.
  6. Kriz (91204191) HAPPY BDAY!
  7. Kriz


    Kriz (91204191
  8. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone !
  9. Kriz

    Yes or No

    No i dont. Have u ever been torched ?
  10. Kriz

    I'm Sorry

    ROFL Life we all are humans we all done mistakes in past i think you are here just to cause drama and u should drop it right there .
  11. Happy bday !

    1. Solange


      Thank you, Kriz!!

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