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  1. Play videogames and listen some good music ? If not then going out with friends and have fun .
  2. Hello Dear Friends if you use Discord feel free to add me in there MrKriz#0252

    or send me your discord info on xat or here in private chat.

  3. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone.
  4. Hello dear xat users prize received! Thank you Mstr to the winners enjoy the xats dont spend them on ugly powers .
  5. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone!
  6. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone!
  7. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone! 
  8. Kriz (91204191) Goodluck everyone!
  9. Kriz


    Good luck!!! Kriz (91204191
  10. Kriz


    Kriz (91204191)
  11. I dont really care as i own both MrKriz, Kriz and Agreements.
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