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  1. Bruu

    Happy birthday 

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  2. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Kriz    (hug) 



  3. So recently i saw alot of users trying to  fake as me on xat.com chats as toons so i wanna let you all know if its not with reg Kriz or MrKriz dont belive it i have no reason to be on alt/ toon. 

    Love u all stay safe!

  4. Happy Birthday krizchen(blowkiss)

  5. Happy birthday .

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  7. Born

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  10. yoooooooooou boy happy birthday wish for u  happy years and get your wishes and all luck in your life (blowkiss)

  11. Happy   Birthday @Kriz

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  13. Hello Dallas first i would like to say its not first time you create post like this one it happened years ago when you was demoted for abuse on social chat . Last time you deleted our blog as revenge rating down songs via bot is allowed ofc but would it be that hard to turn radio off i warned you several times to leave radio ppl alone you continued to harass them in pc and you even came back from your another account to rate songs down again. I dont want to sound rude or anything but you just was not fit for job as owner on official promo chat you cant have that kind of attidude and haras
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