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  1. Make it on your own, but we don't have to grow up We can stay forever young Living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola Underneath the rising sun Kriz (535654819)
  2. Hello Welcome to the xat forum ^^
  3. traded power (fairy) to Blacky
  4. HAPPY BDAY ^^

  5. i like this suggestion would be useful . to have privet convo with more then one firend at same time .. l
  6. Blacky give up i pay u 1k xats.
  7. username :Kriz ID (535654819)
  8. im sure this wont happen but i give it a try 420420
  9. stop responding
  10. lets continue and make it 100 FOLKS!
  11. Hey Ho lets go ^^
  12. invest it to somewhere safe place