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    With this topic, we would be creating a subforum within the forum itself. We already have the places to do this right here: Support; General support; Comment on new powers; Suggest powers, new features; Between others; When a user brings something new or a complaint, it is already dealt with within the topic itself, and in the rest, Admin sees everything... rest assured! Every detail in its time!
  2. Simply awesome Congrats, new moves ... and the quality is excellent! This name "jelylspin" is wrong, no, yes, no, maybe, who knows:
  3. Mstr (1013) Bauzitoooooo
  4. I try to open the configuration panel to edit, but nothing works! I cleared cach, switched browsers and the problem persists!
  5. Admin, you shone! Excellent power! The price choice was TOP, effects compatible with each price! xat.com is to be congratulated! 20k Excellent! Thanks for the presentation Junior!
  6. Yess, working perfectly now, thanks
  7. This is not working...
  8. Excellent power, congrats Mihay !! Who knows, we may have a few more smileys: Smiley inside the lava melting ... just the hand outside, until it disappears completely. Lava oozing down the smile ... A volcano about to erupt ... Lava going down a mountain (rollingfx style) power.
  9. I like it! We can think about customizing the colors of the "subname" separate of the name, using an extra command for "nameglow and namecolor", solid colors!
  10. Some suggestions: 1.smile with cell phone in hand ... "waiting for the offers ..." when the message arrives, the eyes grow, puplando out (goo)! 2.smile under several gift boxes ... only the eyes appear 3.smile looking forward with open arms waiting for the time to arrive "11:59 pm" 4.smile pointing finger, choosing products ... this one, this one not, this one ... this one ... 5.smile with one hand over her mouth, amazed ... wide eyes. 6.smile with credit card in hand ... making a gesture kissing the credit card ... "today is the big day!" 7. sad smiley, with the wallet in hand, turning the wallet over, a single coin, a penny falls on the floor. 8.smile .. in the background ... in front a glass door (transparent) closing ... time out!
  11. The idea is excellent, but we have to take into account that we already have a pawn that refers something similar. ignore pawn: But something can be done to differentiate Mafia bro, it was just an example ... I already removed the ignore, sorry, thank you !
  12. Let's go for a prosperous ! Good luck to all!
  13. El Manu...(victory) ¡Felicidades, muchos éxitos en tus proyectos de vida!

  14. I think we should go by parts, we will only post 8 digit IDs, we have an auction tomorrow, or nobody wants 8 digit IDs? Thanks @Ted@elya@Mehdi@Maxo 69696969 this id already exists! @Mehdi 02331644 this is a 7 digits id @Maxo 33333333 13131313 these ids already exist @Amyyyy Some good ids: (10000002) I am in doubt if this is available. (10000037) (10000089) (10000092) (10001013) (12344444) (20212021) (44444448) (12042019) TheStore birthday! (16122015) Loja birthday! Who gives more? Good luck to everyone!
  15. Mister

    i cant type

    This happens to me whenever I first enter the chat (on the day). To solve ... I leave and enter the chat (clicking exit), without closing the browser, so i don't lose the received messages (pv) and i can type normal.
  16. The power (revel) does not appear in the list of powers ... it only appears if I choose one of the search options.
  17. pc me Loja chat or check price here! Thank you!
  18. Hello all, Please. The iD 1000888, 1000088 and 330033 has (and other) been registered and you can not suggest these iDs. Please, remove or change it. To know if an iD has not been registered, you can use the following link to search for iDs: http://xat.me/a?id=1013 < Example: just replace the number ID 1013 with the iD you want. This will allow you to identify if the ID you are trying to suggest has not been registered before and so that your suggestion is taken as valid. or by the bot command: !reg 1013 NOTE: If the ID has been registered by someone, then the username of the person will appear. If you do not see any name the ID is available. Thanks! by @Auction
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