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  1. A few more ids for the party! (30303000) (30030003) (33303330) (20002022) (10002022) (69000069)
  2. (2022) or (1002) or (1986) and (10013) (11110) (91178) and (101000101) (100010001) (690696069)
  3. One id of each digit, it would already be good fun and would mark the 15th anniversary! Your choice... Your success is our success! "... xat is updating. Try to relax. This will feel a little weird. " It seems like yesterday I saw this message!!! Time passed and the updates are present! Thank you !!
  4. Maybe a 4 digit id would be something exciting... Ps: But we can wait for a few more months!
  5. I would like to suggest so that we could choose in which position of the stickers, the "text" will be displayed: on top of the sticker underneath the sticker left side, right side or even use the sticker without text.
  6. spacer.png

    July 17th!!!(applause)

  7. Mister

    Rose Gold Pawn

    I have no doubt that this pawn will join the coveted pawn list... And we can say that he will be part of the gold family? Will be a success, congratulations for the idea!!! Excellent, I agree... more luxury for gold.... a gold family will be more than deserved!! I miss that time of! @Adminstarted the game: Go , 10 gold in the store! A thrilling run!!
  8. Maybe could add a command, so that the person can use this power without depending on someone else (ban) Sounds fun to me.. When I want to talk to my friends... I would add a command to the end of the sentence #flip No need to ban! (additional function) Could be a signed group power that will allow users to use.
  9. I think this might not work very well... This statement here may cause a discomfort, should any problem arise (be discovered) after its official release! Not to mention that new versions bring corrections... This will only delay users from receiving fixes for previously reported issues... New problems can arise and be fixed, but without depriving users of receiving fixes who are already ready. Users should not be kept waiting, if you already have a version that makes corrections, in my opinion it should be released immediately! These tests can be valid for something new... but for the already reported problems... of "powers" ex: angel / six and other basic functions... if they are ready, fixed... the user wants to receive urgently!
  10. Fala ai Nobre Caio Blat, um pouco atrasado, mas é de coração! Tudo bom meu Caro, (applause)felicidades em mais um velinha soprada... Abraçammm!!!(hug)

    1. slint


      Valeu Mr.Bombastic, tudo em dobro pra você meu irmão, abraços (hug)

      mr bean GIF

  11. Mister


    With this topic, we would be creating a subforum within the forum itself. We already have the places to do this right here: Support; General support; Comment on new powers; Suggest powers, new features; Between others; When a user brings something new or a complaint, it is already dealt with within the topic itself, and in the rest, Admin sees everything... rest assured! Every detail in its time!
  12. Simply awesome Congrats, new moves ... and the quality is excellent! This name "jelylspin" is wrong, no, yes, no, maybe, who knows:
  13. Mstr (1013) Bauzitoooooo
  14. I try to open the configuration panel to edit, but nothing works! I cleared cach, switched browsers and the problem persists!
  15. Admin, you shone! Excellent power! The price choice was TOP, effects compatible with each price! xat.com is to be congratulated! 20k Excellent! Thanks for the presentation Junior!
  16. Yess, working perfectly now, thanks
  17. This is not working...
  18. Excellent power, congrats Mihay !! Who knows, we may have a few more smileys: Smiley inside the lava melting ... just the hand outside, until it disappears completely. Lava oozing down the smile ... A volcano about to erupt ... Lava going down a mountain (rollingfx style) power.
  19. I like it! We can think about customizing the colors of the "subname" separate of the name, using an extra command for "nameglow and namecolor", solid colors!
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