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  1. Happy Birthday Bro, success!!!(hug)

    1. Addict


      Thank you bro (hug) 

  2. Happy Birthday,  "girl from my list of women's day!"
    All the best for you, success Man !!!(hug)

    1. DjDanny24


      Happy  Birthday  @Angelo(hug)

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    2. Angelo


      Don’t tell anyone! (cute)

  3. Maybe a function could be added on the buttons to expand and hide the list:
  4. We can not forget one detail ... The shirt numbering should also be customized by the user: Each one has a preference for a number, is not it @Cupim "13"
  5. Hello, Following the same line of the @LaFleur and @Luig, I leave here my suggestion also. We would have several models of pre-programmed shirts, and the user would customize...the stripes and colors: The team's shields: With various formats:
  6. Hello Xaters! As you all know, many scams happen today because users pose as fake volunteers. It's common to see the usage of the following phrases: "Your account is blocked... I'll need your info."; "Your account is blocked... Send me your email and password, or in 15 minutes you will be reset!"; "Your account is blocked... Give me your powers or in 30 minutes you'll lose everything!" "Your account is locked... I'll need..."; So I thought of an idea to counter this issue. For more transparency and fewer scams, I'm going to suggest a **login screen information** which will tell the user what's wrong with their account at the very first time they login on xat. "xat account id 1013 is appropriate for usage. No held, no block, no reserve." OR in case it is blocked, the login page could tell: "Account blocked. Restricted access during transfers and trades, held for 7 days." This might help users who have difficulties to stay safe online, by stipulating the idea that they will always recap that their account is good to use every time they re-login. Therefore, hopefully killing the "scam technique" where users are told that they are blocked. What are your thoughts? "...Please take note that the messages used as examples are mere examples. I'm sure we can think of something more educative and simple."
  7. And you can also view the new store page here, new link: - https://xat.com/Store
  8. Hello, The two new winners are: iiiBruxiii (1532919659) @Bruxinhotrade xCOLTx (344559195) @xCOLTx Stay tuned, you have 72 hours to claim your prize! Please contact me to receive your prize! I´m in chat Loja! Thank you! Mstr.
  9. Hello, Users Georgeorwell (1478591315) and Kriz (91204191) did not claim their prizes, in 24 hours will be announced two new winners of 2000 xats. Stay tuned!
  10. Mister

    Parabéns Lord Bau !!!!(hug)

    1. Bau


      Thank you LORD Mister (hug)  :$ 

  11. Moj kochankiem numer 2.:$
    (hug)Niech cię Bóg błogosławi! 
    Kontynuować tę wspaniałą osobą jesteś!
    Wszystkiego najlepszego !!! Sukces !!!(blowkiss) <333

  12. Hey there folks! Carnival is over... but our party goes on! And to end the first part of our great event, we present to you the five lucky men who won 2000 xats each. They are: Georgeorwell (1478591315) @FREO Kriz (91204191) @Kriz PedroAccount (422351997) @PedroAccount JoseSergioJr17 (1062549599) @JoseSergioJr17 Blacky (691320709) @Blacky Please, pay attention because you only get 72 hours to collect your prize. In case you don't, someone else will be picked randomly. Thanks everyone for your support. We can't wait for the next part. Please contact me to receive your prize! I´m in chat Loja! Thank you! MisteR.
  13. Hello Everyone, Stay tuned when posting in duplicate! Thank you!! ============================================== 1.Addict (99941393) 2.adrianovenom30 (1533176939) 3.AdriLucchese (1532649701) 4.AHM3D (399193292) 5.ALAN (216171947) 6.Amna (1487826984) 7.AnasWin (122163304) 8.AND3 (10027) 9.ANG3LL (1515005001) 10.Angelo (18500000) 11.ANJOO (939542566) 12.AntonellaG (385467909) 13.Austin (638877683) 14.Baki200000 (159700320) 15.BBBB88BBBB (1521110125) 16.BeeCapetinha (539870853) 17.BeeCapetinha (539870853) 18.Blacky (691320709) 19.Booh (44184) 20.Borbo (1509355949) 21.BR4BO (1521709530) 22.Brooooow69 (122411659) 23.Caiio (286878393) 24.Calantha (1465020913) 25.CAROOL (80530907) 26.Cecy (400630080) 27.D4nieL (100344585) 28.D4nieL (100344585) 29.David [273457773] Thank you!! 30.DearGod2010 (583109023) 31.Deymian (1530281223) 32.DICRAZY (444000444) 33.dimitra1981 (1521558502) 34.dinamite99 (46544326) 35.DonQuijote (926430628) 36.Dreamer (844432172) 37.Edu69 (1111169) 38.Equinoxeiv (98157018) 39.Fanny (302847689) 40.Feelipp (581542072) 41.Fonduri (304771992) 42.fortunafortuna (1488283203) 43.funnyexotic (124206319) 44.Georgeorwell (1478591315) 45.Guppy (696969000) 46.HelperNate (21299) 47.hfaua1996x (1530152867) 48.iB3ba (67753904) 49.iBandy (1489468085) 50.iChrisL (1206872497) 51.iCtz (1528332593) 52.ID1534132681 (1534132681) 53.iDepressent (406636530) 54.iFons (121416) 55.iGuinho (347693796) 56.iiAriel (406636497) 57.iiib0rniii (121997) 58.iiiBruxiii (1532919659) 59.IIIFaahIII (400666660) 60.iiiiiiGame (1508888308) 61.iimanoiiii (1499728611) 62.iiXDanny98 (585651094) 63.iiXDanny98 (585651094) 64.iiXDanny98 (585651094) 65.iJuanR (410077992) 66.iMarian (1481071798) 67.iMehdi (988877144) 68.iNash (1524125436) 69.iPablitoos (864105347) 70.iS4nty (1533223668) 71.iThi (70507702) 72.ivinnih (108623061) 73.iWitness29 (1529667724) 74.JoseSergioJr17 (1062549599) 75.Kale (204750943) 76.kitty (666000000) 77.Kriz (91204191) 78.Kumii (585659086) 79.L3OZ1N (636431610) 80.Leandro 1010206 81.Lemona (220341852) 82.Lethe (1533911965) 83.Luig (10000270) 84.Luig (10000270) 85.MagicDesing (1477784162) 86.Marek (2018) 87.Marshall (428933352) 88.Mauzim (1489668313) 89.MeninaBipolar (1534505649) 90.MightyBrain1 (1497708246) 91.Mihai (166211569) 92.Mihai (166211569) 93.Moist (71793878) 94.MoonatNight (1530223753) 95.MrCigarros (1466461855) 96.MrTomato7404 (1526062133) 97.nature (221192) 98.Nefs (124365424) 99.Negan (1100011) 100.noseqponer2014 (1455652744) 101.PedroAccount (422351997) 102.phillufffy (1492858493) 103.Pudinzinho69 (809761400) 104.R3DDS (10661066) 105.R3DDS (98370741) 106.Ramo (1493540813) 107.Ramo (1493540813) 108.Sagaz (152800211) 109.Samu (1000093) 110.SaMuKaO666 (1500999977) 111.Santademonia (126388916) 112.Sergio (187744205) 113.Sev7n (114180986) 114.SH3LD0N (988872289) 115.SHAW (1003) 116.Shizuo (847986292) 117.SK4T3L (300064311) 118.Snixie (363437244) 119.Solange (223326780) 120.SomcarBorn (126616962) 121.sonhadorPerdido (1499773463) 122.SREric (101617014) 123.Steven (400004803) 124.Stif (344107857) 125.Tigreza (112814) 126.Tiin (97232853) 127.Tito1 (9999991) 128.valGOD (1534326756) 129.VAN3SSA (986767637) 130.Vritme (11100000) 131.Vritme (11100000) 132.Vritme (11100000) 133.xandyx (1400214472) 134.xAshita (1476099031) 135.xCOLTx (344559195) 136.xDrew (111330) 137.xErick593x (536325756) 138.xKaraKartaL (124428241) 139.XkMy (10131013) 140.Yeah (10000090) 141.Zandy (96820347) obg 142.zDuuhx (425515855) 143.zHappiness (601760611) 144.ZILLE (248700245) 145.Zoom (96335190) ==============================================
  14. Mister

    New Store page

    My suggestions: Decrease font size displayed; "To (Arial 11)" ; Add power ID ; Leave the main smilie on a separate column ; Leave the power name in a separate column ; Display the cost of powers, independent of unlimited or limited. The cost of limited power would be lighter in color ; Confirmation button equal to the terms button ; xat user name and Passwrod, add a button, so it does not get loose on the page; Look: Link image : https://i.imgur.com/YP4hbHi.png
  15. Mister

    New Store page

    I think this will make lose the essence of fast purchases! Especially in day of launching new powers!
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