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  1. MisteR

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Yep, exactly on them. Thank you.
  2. MisteR

    HTML5 Interface Update

    If I want to use chat in the classic format, will it be possible? (edit) or is it already possible?
  3. MisteR

    514 NOCARA

    Yeah @Lemona i think can this implemented @Admin might like this idea: costumes#mouse#nocara = all off costumes#mouse#nocara#on1 = eyes = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on2 = mouth = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on3 = nose = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on4 = ear = On
  4. MisteR

    514 NOCARA

    I see only as a jealousy of the communities! (faceoff) It's cool, too!
  5. MisteR

    514 NOCARA

    Let's see in practice if it will not deform the smiles!
  6. Your ticket has already been replied as you mentioned it yourself. This means that you have purchased xats / powers fraudulently or even stolen! There is not much to do. An answer has already been given, an investigative process has been opened and can take years. Review your purchases and do not buy power/xats at very low prices. Good luck!
  7. MisteR

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations, Blacky !
  8. MisteR

    513 EYEEYE

    (eyemagic) (impacteye) (impactlook)
  9. MisteR

    513 EYEEYE

    1. (eyehere) a look drawing attention, Expression: "Are you seeing me? I am here !!! Jumping anxious!" 2. (eyexploding) exploding with joy "with explosion effect, destroying" 3. (eyemelting) eye melting with love "to the extent that the eye is melting goes up some little hearts"
  10. MisteR

    512 SUSPENSE

    A smiley bug!
  11. Happy Birthday  Bruu .. hehe (hug) 

    1. ib2k


      Hey Mister <3 thx bro 

  12. MisteR

    510 OPACITY

    Price of 200 xats is totally without coherence with the power line! We paid 5000 xats for power "(clear)", 1520 xats for power "(fade)" and today we see a powers similar to the cost of "200 xats". And possibly it will be unlimited! It simply devalues the two powers! Who has this power today, can see a user buying a power similar and much more modern for only 200 xats, is that fair ? It does not take much experience to realize such incoherence.
  13. Hello guys! I'm a fan of Windows, and I made a lot of money installing ! (14 floppy disks + 1 boot disk) So I decided to do this post! Launched on August 24, 1995, the Windows 95 completes today 23 years of its launch! "For the first time, the world stopped to watch the announcement of software while thousands of people were queuing up to buy the product." Start Menu; Toolbar; Internet connection; Internet Explorer, later Netscape! You browsed in it? 32/16-bit architecture; Plug & Play; Floppy disks, many floppy disks; Listen to music in RealPlayer or Winamp; Made for games; Starting from the arrival of DirectX in Windows 95. "it´s now safe to turn of your computer. Do you remember ? Did something mark you with the arrival of Windows? First computer / notebook, at work, at school, games exclusive for windows!
  14. MisteR

    510 OPACITY

    Good job, I suggest a price of 800 to 1200 xats!

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