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  1. pc me Loja chat or check price here! Thank you!
  2. Hello all, Please. The iD 1000888, 1000088 and 330033 has (and other) been registered and you can not suggest these iDs. Please, remove or change it. To know if an iD has not been registered, you can use the following link to search for iDs: http://xat.me/a?id=1013 < Example: just replace the number ID 1013 with the iD you want. This will allow you to identify if the ID you are trying to suggest has not been registered before and so that your suggestion is taken as valid. or by the bot command: !reg 1013 NOTE: If the ID has b
  3. yes, of course, look for me in the Loja chat! We can negotiate! Thanks
  4. Congratulations "chicos"! El Manu xLaming
  5. Mstr (1013) @Marya @xRavenette
  6. Parabéns meu Caro, tudo bom! Aproveite seu dia!!!(hug)

    1. Stif


      Muito obrigado mano, tudo de bom pra você também! (hug) 

  7. Solicitarea dvs este o comanda(hug)(hug)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. xRavennn


      Mult succes, draga mea.

      Dacă ai nevoie de ajutor, nu ezita să mi-l ceri.

    3. DUYGU


      Ok draga

    4. DUYGU


      Am venit de la serviciu, sunt puțin obosit, dar sunt bine

  8. Happy birthday Toxic!(victory)

  9. Born my bro Happy  Birthday!!!(hug)

    1. Born


      Thx my bro (hug)

  10. Hey my Bro 

    Happy Birthday! (hug)(hug)

    1. lukasz


      Thank you my bro (hug)

  11. H Birthday Mano (hug)

    1. Anas


      Thanks mano! (hug) 

  12. Best FUNCTION: Category Best STICKER: Nin Best ANIMAL: Meerkat Best FX: Energyfx Best VALENTINE: None Best HALLOWEEN: Fear Best CHRISTMAS: Neva Best SUPER COLLECTION: Superscary No, no, you don't love me, you said your heart is from 42, so there's no space for you to love me !!!
  13. Mister

    Meu Caro Thuk, parabéns nobre amigo, tudo de bom, aproveite seu dia!!! (victory)(hug)

    1. Gui


      Obrigado Mister! (hug) 

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