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  1. The name itself says it all: "volunteer" When one enters to volunteer for an organization or entity, one has to be aware and aware that one has to develop a job. Most of the time it is not enough, you have to give yourself a lot to achieve the common goal. But like any other job, being paid or not, we are subject to criticism or praise! And often, one applies to volunteer only to have status or a "minute of fame," without taking into account the fact that a job to be done, developed, is a function to be exercised. So when pressure comes, charges that any volunteer work will have, the person gives up and leaves. With this, who gets as bad in history is always the organization, the entity! Will the next candidate volunteers are aware of who has a lot work to be done and it needs to give a lot to meet the demand ??? Will they be prepared to receive pressure as they will be charged! I do not agree when they say "xat.com" is losing volunteer, but rather the volunteer candidate is giving up the commitment he has taken on the job. The entity, the organization will continue and new volunteers will come! To say: I want is very easy, I want to see sustain, face the problem, the situation! if everyone assumed their role, everything would be easier! What are you think about it? I do not know the administrator's opinion, but feel free to do so, if necessary. @Admin Translation: translate.google.com If it is necessary to correct some word in the text, Tell me please!
  2. ID auction ?

    Excellent! Thank you @Admin
  3. ID auction ?

    @AdminPlease, do not put the auction finished on Monday. Many users work, including me please, I have audience 8 o'clock in the morning!
  4. Selling 7 Digits ID (1234321)

    Please, you can close this topic, id sold.
  5. ID auction ?

    Please, check if iD exists before postin. Use the link: http://xat.me/a?id=101010 (example) or https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php?UserId=put number the id here or comand in bot xat_test !reg 101010 !user 101010 Note: This id is from my friend Dimis! Dim1 (101010) Thanks!
  6. ID auction ?

    I think the price of the last one (5M) 350k was excellent! up to 500k would pay for it (2M)
  7. ID auction ?

    In order not to harm the price, I suggest in the maximum of 10 iDs in the auction. Thanks Thus we will have a fierce dispute!
  8. ID auction ?

    2M 50M 17091989 10001011 1042005 1000085 1000098 @Admin Thanks for the Auction! Success in 2018 Up high ! Please, maximum 10 iD - use a magnifying glass to choose the iDs!
  9. Happy Birthday @Ronal Saavedra  (hug)

    1. Ronal


      Muchas Gracias <3 

  10. Happy Birthday @Teddy !! (hug)

    1. MisteR


      iiiiiiGame (20182018) xD

    2. Teddy



      Thanks Mister (hug)

      There is no auction yet. lol


    Mstr (172762838)
  12. 477 SQANIMAL

    among all could have a sqangry (leon) (tigre) very cool, good job!
  13. Auction

    Hey @BoohFor you too and your whole family my Noble!
  14. Auction

    @Luckyj1993 Maybe they can do next Saturday, it would be great for trade unlimited powers. We need to go back to the times of 60 to 70% off store.
  15. Sell 5, 6, 7 and 8 digits IDs

    iD Sold (6666666) (190301) ! Hey Guys New iD disponible for sale: (10000404) / (81122634) / (82463347) Also available: (16699) - (96096) - (69069) - (692017) - (900009) - (1500001) - (10000404) - (81122634) - (82463347) Thank you. Mstr