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  1. MisteR

    501 PORTALFX

    Has the potential to be an excellent power
  2. MisteR

    501 PORTALFX

    can not include some more like this ?
  3. Parabéns Booh (hug)

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      Obrigado Mstr(hug)

  4. Happy Birthday! (hug)

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      i also love you all ty for congratulation(hug) bro

  5. Mój brather wszystkiego najlepszego!!

    Z okazji urodzin !(hug)

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      Dziękuje bracie (hug)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! <3333 Sis

  7. This the wish of the whole community!  Each day becomes a an eternity!

     (swt) But I see the effort of each one!


    67+8 days....

  8. MisteR

    Win Koffee

    Mstr (172762838)
  9. MisteR


    That's right Mr. Bau Do you go to a bank and invest 30 thousand dollars and then your manager disappears, And you need a support. You send a message! After 70 days, He sends you a message What do you need ? Another 45 days pass, He responds: I'll think 60 days pass and nothing... You'll be happy ??? That is why there is a package of services, you PAY and you have rights, because there is a team ready to assist you.
  10. Mihai, Happy Birthday! (hug)

    1. Sevda


      Happy Birthday bro 🎂

  11. Happy Birthday SlOom ! (hug)

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      Thank you, MisteR. (hug) 

  12. The flame will burn forever...


  13. Congratulations Angelo!
  14. MisteR


    But it is therefore that when you this activating the authentication, xat recommend: “ Make a Backup, a copies of security. ” If for an incautiousness, it did not make backup. To recoup it demands a service to be given by xat.com, I think this should be charged! 72 hours? Very particular circumstance, could explain better? I know several cases that are in the "Emailed Department", simple errors to solve. A request made by the user. It requires no investigation, and is more than two months old without a single question / answer. Therefore I insist that the services that are asked for by the user, for particular option of the user, would have to be charged. it would go to diminish I number it of ticket and would have more time for attendance to the other problems, other demands. With the amount collected, xat.com would invest in infrastructure for the creation of an electronic ticket control system for the user. The free service, the user can not complain. Today being all free , the maximum that we can speak with the users is: Be patient! The number of volunteers is few, waits! Be patient! The right that the user has is to be been silent and to wait! Service of good quality is paid service!
  15. MisteR


    I did not mention that when paying you will get quick response! But I can affirm that the demands will decrease! This is the point I want to reach. And if you want to transfer your shortname(exemplo), you will have to pay for it, because this is a personal choice!

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