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Status Updates posted by Calvin

  1. Hi to all comunity hug all!!(hug)

  2. Happy new 2019 to all!

    1. Maxo


      happy new year you too (hug) 

    2. Exin
  3. Happy new year 2019 to all see you all in 2019 !! 2019 Will be a great  year!(sman)

    1. Exin


      thx and u bro merry christmas

    2. Calvin


       Bro where have you been (hug)


  4. Quote

    Good Morning alll!


  5. Happy BDay Cupim Huggg(cute)(cute)(cute)

  6. When will be the next Epic Power!?

  7. morning all(tired)

    1. Crow


      Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

  8. Allien exist?


  9. Question System Ticket can be replaced if i got new ideea? 

    1. Angelo


      I don't know if they'd be willing to re-vamp the entire ticket system at this time..

      but I suppose you could go ahead and make a suggestion

  10. Happy bday lucky.(hug)

    1. lcky


      thank u bro.(hug)

      and a huge happy bday to you too...

  11. (hug)Good Morning All

  12. Happy Bday for me and i give all big hug for all and (c) and (cc).

  13. I <3 to help people but dont all deserve xat is an social website where you find friends from all country*s.

  14. Good morning to all (C) coffe for all !

  15. Be fair life is to short to make mistakes.

  16. How will be life on other planet?

    1. ANGY


      Alien detected (swt) 

  17. Dream on  the magic day !

  18. Calvin

    New photo bro ?


    1. zw


      You know it!

    2. Calvin


      haha (hehe)


  19. Work much for a better life ! Agree?

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